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With the winter season slowly approaching, it is very possible for many homeowners to overlook their heat pump maintenance. When winter does come before you’ve had your regular maintenance schedule, problems such as insufficient heating, soaring electricity bills, and even damage to the heat pump may pile up and it’ll leave you with a rough time as you now approach summer. Thus, it is very important to make regular heat pump maintenance in Frisco TX a habit.

In this article, let’s consider some basic maintenance tips that you can do for your heat pump maintenance in Frisco TX in preparation for the winter season. Note that most of these tips are things that your everyday inexperienced homeowner can do as it is best to leave most of the technical stuff to the professionals.

Indoor Unit Maintenance

Possible the simplest part of the indoor unit you can do maintenance on by yourself is the air filter. Many air filters are removable, allowing you to simply clean it. Just follow your manual on how to remove the air filter as it may differ from other models. Once you remove the filter, you can use a brush to clean and remove the dust that gathered on it. Be very careful if you decide to clean it with water because a wet filter can cause a great deal of damage to the system.

The other parts of the indoor unit require specific skills in order to properly clean them without causing damage. In case you were wondering what a technician might do for maintenance, they will have to do a checkup on the electrical system, the blower motor, the indoor coil, the drain pan, the drain line, and many other parts that are pretty sensitive yet important to the whole system. Without proper skill and training, an amateur might just be the cause for the heat pump’s malfunction. You’ll be better off just cleaning the air filter.

Outdoor Unit Maintenance

When snow melts, the water might get into the system and make a mess out of it. Additionally, harsher weather conditions such as snowstorms can cause debris to get stuck inside the outdoor unit. That is why it is very important to choose the right location for the unit. You can also protect the pump by keeping snow, ice, and leaves away by making a cover for the pump. Make sure to keep your heat pump away from gutters as the dripping water might permanently damage the system. Also, keep your heat pump stays elevated to keep the coils clear of snow and ice and to allow for proper drainage.

Be alert when ice starts to build upon the unit, especially after bad weather. When it is covered in snow or in ice, turn the thermostat to emergency heat or the off position while removing the build-up. Use the right tools to clean the pump. If you’re at a loss, just call the professionals and let them clean the pump for you.

With proper use and regular maintenance, you keep early break down of your heat pump at bay. Start scheduling a maintenance session with the Air Repair Pros and avoid any delays so as not to be overtaken by the winter season. Make heat pump maintenance in Frisco TX a habit to reach your heat pump’s maximum lifespan!

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