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Expires December 6, 2018

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Expires December 6, 2018

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Friends & Family Referral Program

One of the best compliments is a referral! AC Repair Pros is grateful when our customers entrust us with their friends and family. To show our appreciation for these referrals, we created a Friends & Family Referral Program. Here are the two easy ways to earn some cash for referring a friend or family member:

  1. Receive $20 if they take advantage of any service repair.
  2. Receive $100 if they purchase a cooling system* or complete air conditioning and heating system* from us.

* Cooling System = evaporator coil & outside condensing unit.
* Complete System = furnace or air handler, evaporator coil & outside condensing unit.

  • Referral Cash Claim Form

  • Customer Referral Information

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