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Air Conditioner Repair Frisco TX: Maintenance Tips

Remember that even homeowners themselves can handle a few tasks to keep their air conditioners running smoothly. However, there will be times when professional help is required, particularly if the job is too technical in nature.

In this post, you’ll get tips on what you can do and which ones should be handed over to a company handling air conditioner repair in Frisco TX.

First tip: Clean the filter. Replace if necessary.

One of the regular tasks in maintaining your AC unit is the cleaning and replacement of the filter. If you have a reusable one, you just need to clean and sanitize it. But if you’re not comfortable doing this job, let the experts in air conditioner repair in Frisco, TX handle it. It’s frequently being used during the summer season, so it’s important to clean it twice a month and to replace the filter after every month. During fall and spring, once a month cleaning or change is enough.

Once the filter is full of dust and grime, the circulation of air worsens making it hard for your AC to operate efficiently. Since there are allergens, your family can get allergies and symptoms of asthma. So make it a point to do regular cleaning of your AC filter.

Second tip: Inspect the wires and other parts.

Before the inspection, it is important to switch off the power of your unit. This needs to be done at the service disconnect which is outdoors or the main circuit breaker indoors. If you notice signs of overheating including melted insulation seen on wires, blackened wires with a burnt smell, you might call a professional.

Inspect the electrical connections. See to it that they are tight. For homeowners with an electrical test meter, look at the capacitors of the air conditioner.

Third tip: Check the thermostat.

To ensure that it’s working properly, inspect the thermostat if it’s maintaining the right temperature. There are old, mechanical types that frequently malfunction. So, it’s time to consider getting a programmable type for your air conditioner. A programmable thermostat allows homeowners to set the temperature higher when everyone is out and cool the rooms down during the evening or before people arrive home. It gives you and your family comfort by the time you get home from work, school and other activities.

Fourth Tip: Inspect the condenser unit fan.

Look at the fan mounted on top of the exterior condenser. Check if it’s still in great condition. In case there are chips or cracks seen on the blades, it’s time to replace them.

Fifth tip: Clean the exterior of your unit. Dirt and other unwanted elements gather on your AC. Before they affect the filter and other interior parts, clean them. They lessen the system capacity which causes reduced air flow. If your AC is next to plants, make sure to trim them to keep your unit clean.

Once you follow all these tips, the visit of your contractor will be less frequent. And if you do need professional help, don’t hesitate to contact contractors that are experts in air conditioning repair in Frisco, TX.