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Air Conditioner Repair Frisco Texas: 7 Things You Can Do

Know when to call for air conditioner repair in Frisco Texas. Getting professional help to fix your AC unit can cost you money. But you don’t need to get a professional to do repairs all the time. Save money by doing some DIY maintenance that is simple to follow before you hire an AC repairman. Here are the seven things you can do to keep yourself and your family cool all throughout spring and summer.

First Step: Switch off the Electricity. Power off the switch that supplies electricity to your air conditioning unit and then look for the capacitor. Refer to the manual so you can easily find the capacitor of your unit.

Second Step: Remove dirt from the condenser fan and then apply oil to the fan motor. If you check the condenser fan you’ll notice that it will be covered in dust. Use a brush to clean the fan thoroughly.

Some of the air conditioner repair service companies in Frisco Texas might charge hundreds of dollars for fixing the condenser. You can fix this yourself by removing the cover grill. Afterward, detach the set screw which holds the fan in position. Remove the fan so you can access the parts you need to oil. Apply the oil to the fan motor. The oil should be the one specified by the AC unit manufacturer.

Third step: Using a garden hose, clean the fins and condenser coils. Make sure to remove the coil guard before you begin spraying the interior of the unit. Doing so will prevent the gathering of wet debris inside the AC unit fins. Are fins already bent? Don’t worry. With the use of a fin comb, straighten them. You can also use this item to clean the fins.

Fourth Step: Change the refrigerant. This is the step usually done by air conditioner repair Frisco Texas companies. But if you have the technical knowledge, you can recycle the refrigerant yourself. Just make sure that zero harmful gases will escape into the air while you’re doing this step.

Fifth Step: Filter maintenance. If the filter can no longer be repaired, it’s time for a replacement. Do you see that it’s just dusty? Then it only needs to be cleaned. Don’t leave the filters dirty because of the risk of allergies. The AC unit also becomes inefficient with dirty filters.

You can clean the filter by removing the case that surrounds the air filter. Afterward, remove the air filter. Observe how dirty it is. If there’s a little amount of dirt, cleaning it using a cloth will suffice. But if it’s filthy, you need to clean it with soap and water. Make this a biweekly routine to extend the service life of your air filter. Dry it thoroughly before placing it back to the AC unit. If you see that there are abrasions, replace the filter.

Sixth Step: Duct maintenance. Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the air ducts routinely. Doing so will get rid of the dirt, grime and debris that settle into the ducts over time.

Seventh Step: Routine Checkups. Check the various parts including the fuse box and the circuit breaker for problems. In case there are things not mentioned in the DIY steps mentioned here, call an air conditioner repair Frisco Texas professional.