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Central Air Conditioning System For Homes: Pros and Cons

In search of the best air conditioning (AC) systems for homes, I was a bit surprised that Google rendered top 10 search result which is mostly about central AC. I wonder why because all the while I think that central AC is more expensive than other types of AC for homes.

So let’s probe on why by weighing the pros and cons of installing a central AC for our home.

Central AC Pros

  • central AC provides a consistent temperature by releasing cool air through vents that snake through every part of your home
  • perfect for cooling multiple rooms at once
  • not affected dramatically on humid days
  • utilizes filters providing you with cleaner air to breathe; an ideal feature for household members who has allergy or asthma
  • allows you to install a programmable thermostat which; it’s like telling the AC when to turn on and to what thermostat; using this feature can add more benefits because it can significantly reduce energy costs by decreasing the amount of time that the system has to work
  • requires little maintenance
  • ideal for those who live in a northern state with colder winters if your central AC has air conditioning/heating combo, it makes your entire home more cost-efficient, since you only need to deal with one unit instead of two
  • some other types of AC especially old ones tend to be noisy, but with central AC, homeowners can enjoy the benefit of lower noise levels as most of the components are housed in a metal box and placed outside of the home
  • does not take up any interior space other the main cooler
  • an investment that adds value to your home

Central AC Cons

  • costs more to install than other types of home AC such as window-type AC especially if you need ductwork
  • cools the entire apartment, even in areas that don’t need it
  • as a result of the first cons – we can say that central AC may not be very energy efficient because of increased energy bills
  • if not properly maintained, mold and mildew can form in the ducts and blow around your home, and you may end up with allergy issues
  • not suitable for DIY novices because it’s quite difficult to install and repair
  • if you live in a condominium, central AC may not be appropriate because of the ductwork needed and also if there’s no outdoor space for the compressor unit

Concerning the cost per kWh of usage for us to determine if it is more cost-efficient than other types of AC, this would depend on how big is your home and how many hours you use it. So I found this energy consumption calculator website called which is a helpful guide because it will give us an idea on the power consumption of our central AC per hour, per day, per month, etc. Knowing this, you’ll be able to choose the central AC for your home according to your budget, i.e. if your budget for AC energy consumption is only around $100 per month, then you should look for a central AC that only consumes 3500 watts.