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How Often Should We Clean Our Air Conditioner?

Cleaning your air conditioner depends on where you live. Is your place humid or dry? Do you own pets or not? Do you have furniture where dust particles can settle? These questions are what you need to answer to know if you have to clean as often or not. Empty but humid houses require air conditioners cleaning as much as the ones in small rooms with a lot of pieces of furniture but a dry place since both places are more likely to be dusty. Houses that get dusty all the time need to have their air conditioners cleaned as often as once a month since if not cleaned; it will take time for a room to achieve colder temperature as the air that passes through the filter will have to go through thick lint of dust or furs.

Having a separate device that can humidify your room can also be helpful in reducing work for the air conditioner and making sure that all the dust particles that float around the room will just fall to the ground. Air conditioners with a humidifying feature can be a bit troublesome to use at the same time. One reason is, it will be hard to have the dust from the ground keep being blown in the air since the air conditioner is on at the same time. Second: if the air conditioner is working two functions at the same time, it consumes more energy. Thus, giving you a higher electricity bill and more work to clean up the filter and grids.

For some homeowners, though, cleaning filters is something they can’t do so they resort to getting professional help. It may also be best to get a professional cleaner sometimes to make sure that your air conditioner will be cleaned correctly and at the same time avoid incurring damage to the unit. Unlike when you are going to do it by yourself, and you are not certain of how to do it, you might touch something you’re not supposed to and wreck the air conditioning system completely.

Having professionals clean your air conditioners is best since not only can they clean the filters, but they can also clean your air conditioner thoroughly inside. These professionals are not only good at cleaning air conditioners, but they are also technicians that have complete knowledge about air conditioners.

If this is the first time you’ll get your air conditioner cleaned, having professionals do it for you is what you should do since you might have had your air conditioner for a very long time that it might require intensive cleaning. A crucial thing that owners need to do at least once every quarter is to have their air conditioning units checked by professional cleaner can see if there are parts that are damaged or need replacement. When not maintained properly, it could lead to a more severe and expensive damage that would result in completely replacing the unit. If you already had your unit cleaned or checked by professional cleaner and everything is good, then the only thing you’ll just have to make sure of is that the filter is cleaned as often as possible to make sure no dust will build up inside the air conditioner.