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A Buying Guide to Choosing the Most Efficient Gas Furnace

You may be wondering as to why you keep receiving high utility bills at the end of every month. This may be because of using a faulty appliance in your home, which then ends up consuming more energy than is necessary. Many homeowners prefer to apply cheaper alternatives for warming their homes, which is why they end up disappointed. Using poor quality or faulty gas furnaces can raise the cost of your bills by up to 50%. As a homeowner in the USA, you need high-efficiency gas furnaces to guarantee you maximum satisfaction at the lowest cost possible. Therefore, here is a buying guide to choosing the most efficient gas furnace for heating your home.

  • Contract A Licensed Specialist With Complete Government Rebate Programs

The cost of replacing an older gas furnace with a high-efficiency unit varies from one state to the other. As a homeowner, you need to conduct full background checks on the companies you are looking to contract. Many heating & cooling contractors are not licensed, making them unqualified to apply for government rebates on your behalf.

  • Efficiency Is Paramount

Whenever you choose to upgrade or replace your home’s gas furnace, always ensure that you go for high-efficiency equipment. Technological advancements have made it possible for highly efficient furnaces to reduce the cost of your bills by a staggering 45%. Though they may be expensive to purchase, these systems operate more quietly, guarantee comfort in your home, and help you save over the long run. You can be sure that a gas furnace is highly efficient if it is Energy Star certified and has a minimum rating of 95%. Additionally, government rebates are offered to homeowners who have installed gas furnaces with minimum ratings of 96%.

  • Check The Age Of Your Gas Furnace

The functionality and productivity of your gas furnace greatly depend on its age. Older furnaces tend to use more energy as compared to new ones. As you replace or upgrade your existing system, make sure you verify the age of this system before use. Furnaces aged more than twenty years can bring about annual utility bills more than 45%. On top of that, such furnaces tend to be noisier than usual. This led to the introduction of the AFUE rating system that categorized heating & cooling systems on the basis the of fuel utilization.

  • Evaluate The Available Financing Options

Different contractors have different payment options for the installation of your home’s gas furnace. Therefore, consider whether you would wish to pay in full before commencement, or you would like to stretch your payment over a given period after installation. The financing option you choose to select should act in your favor. Financing options are categorized into two, conventional funding and the rent to own options.

  • Affordability

Now that you are aware of the kind of gas furnace that you need, how affordable is it? In as much as the furnace may be affordable and highly efficient, you also need to consider the appliance’s reliability and a measure of quality.

If you succeed in securing an efficient gas furnace, you need to keep in mind that proper maintenance is key to effectiveness; a well-maintained furnace would offer you the services you need, as well as last longer.