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Common Heating Problems in McKinney TX

Be prepared for the cold winter season by considering the many possible heating system problems that may arise. From lack of maintenance to a faulty thermostat, you really have to be aware of these common heating problems in McKinney TX so as to prevent your heating system from breaking down during the cold. Below are the most common heating problems in McKinney TX.

December Common Heating Problems in McKinney TX1. Uncleaned Filters
This is one of the most overlooked problems by homeowners, a dirty and clogged filter. Filters are crucial to the system as they protect the heater from materials in the air than may cause the system to malfunction. An uncleaned filter means that your heater is taking in less air, so the system is forced to do more than what it should be doing. This stress decreases your heating system’s lifespan, making you lose your money’s worth on heating. To prevent this, don’t forget to clean your filters or have them regularly checked up by your trusted technician.

2. Wear and Tear
If your heating system has been around for a long time and hasn’t been properly maintained, mechanical wear and tear will start to affect the heating output. Worn out parts such as belts and bearings can cause the heater to overheat or produce lesser heat than what is desired. This only does not cause discomfort during the winter, but it also increases your utility bill, as your system’s efficiency is severely lowered. Your heating system might even turn out to be more of a problem than the cold!

3. Malfunctioning Thermostat
The thermostat controls and regulates the amount of heat going inside the home. It plays a crucial part in balancing the homeowner’s comfort and the heating system’s capacity to heat. With a faulty thermostat, you might start to wonder why the same temp you always set the heater to is warmer or colder than usual. This dulls your sense of heat and causes great discomfort in winter. You’ll be settling for too hot or too cold by then. However, it is possible to change or repair just your thermostat. And if your thermostat is quite outdated, consider installing a newer one. Today’s thermostats allow you to schedule temperature changes, which will result in utility savings!

4. Lack of Maintenance
All of the problems mentioned above are commonly due to the lack of maintenance on the heating system. True, you may not have been using the heater for the whole year, but that is exactly the reason why most people forget to maintain their systems. Lack of maintenance and cleaning allows the system to gather dirt and dust, causing problems on the filter. With regular maintenance, you make your heating system or any HVAC system last its money’s worth. A well-maintained heating system can last up to 20 years as opposed to a neglected system that may only last 7 years tops.

So now you know the importance of maintenance! To avoid these common heating problems in McKinney TX, be sure to employ only the best air repair services in the area. The Air Repair Pros would love to discuss your heating options for this upcoming winter.

What Type of Heater Should I Buy For Easy Home Heating Maintenance in McKinney TX?

The winter season is near and people will be up and about checking their heaters so as to get through the cold days. Home heating maintenance in McKinney TX should be one of your priorities every time so as to prolong the lifespan of your heater. If you don’t have a heater yet, read this article to discover the different types of heaters you will encounter and which type will be the best for you.

Home Heating Maintenance in McKinney TXA Little More Technical Information
Conventional heaters broadly fall into three categories, which are radiant heaters, conductive heaters, and convective heaters. Technically speaking these are only three ways for heat to transfer or move from heat generator to their target area. Most of the household heaters are the third type, that is, convective type of heaters.
To make things simple, radiant heaters transfer heat even without a medium, that is, through vacuum or air. This is called heat transfer by radiation. The other two types require some form of media like a liquid medium for convective transfer and a solid conductor for heat transfer through conductance. There is nothing much technical about these hard nut terminologies except for their varying efficiency. Now we know what type of heaters we use in our homes regardless of their make or construction.

What Type of Heater Suits Your Living Room
The earliest masonry heater can take care of your room heating efficiently. On the other hand, condos and studio apartments can suffice with electric heaters of around 2KW power placed in rooms you need them.
Portable gas heaters are approved for indoor usages in USA (Canadians may have to wait as this is approved only for outdoor use). There are various safety features like low-oxygen cut-off, safety grill and ‘porcelainized’ reflectors for long life etc. One clear advantage that gas heaters have over their electric cousins is their outdoor utility. You don’t need to worry about sound as the burner is housed in a silenced compartment, sufficient for heating 200sft.

You can’t forget the cost factor too. Cost of purchase and running are the main costs if you forgot the maintenance. Electric resistance heaters and halogen heaters are quite affordable and are also durable for home uses.

Heaters for Commercial Uses
Kerosene and diesel heaters are generally designed with commercial uses in mind. These are for construction sites, workshops, and farmhouses where huge areas need to be heated. They are made for heavy-duty and rugged in construction.

If you are really at a loss on which heaters you should buy, contact the Air Repair Pros without delay and let us help you decide on this matter. With our countless years of experience and the skills we’ve acquired though our several projects, you can be sure that your heating system expectations will be met. And in the long run, we also offer home heating maintenance in McKinney TX so your heater will last and will be worth your money. So save time, money, and effort by hiring only the best HVAC technicians for your home heating maintenance in McKinney TX. Contact the Air Repair Pros today!

Gas Furnace Maintenance Tips in McKinney TX to Keep Your Gas Furnace in Shape

The average gas furnace can last up to 20 years with regular maintenance and proper use. Of course, gas furnaces don’t take care of themselves. Homeowners thus have the greatest responsibility in taking care of the system. If you were looking for gas furnace maintenance tips in McKinney TX, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will be considering some few gas furnace maintenance tips in McKinney TX that everyone can do, even without professional training.

Gas Furnace Maintenance Tips in McKinney TXClean and Replace the Filter System
The filter is a major part of the gas furnace because it prevents dirt from entering the furnace. Proper maintenance of this valuable part involves cleaning or replacing the filter when needed. To locate the filter, refer to the manual as it may be kept hidden or screwed tightly to the system. It is usually easily to remove the air filter. When removed, wash it properly with water, removing all dirt, dust, and debris stuck to the filter. Leave it to completely dry and return it to its place in the system. Be sure that it is absolutely dry as a wet filter may cause huge damage to the system.

Clean or Repair Furnace Ducts
Furnace ducts are more prone to damages especially when using a forced-air furnace. In such cases, use a high-powered vacuum cleaner to clean the air ducts. Be sure to turn on the fan while you are cleaning, so that the dust you disturb will be blown away. Set the thermostat to “fan on”, and turn the “heat/cool” mode off so that only the fan is running. Once finished, cover all ducts to prevent dust from going back into the furnace.

Clean the Vents
Gas furnaces are connected to a venting system. This ventilation at some point can clog due to large amounts of dust and debris. A clogged ventilation is very dangerous and it may cause a lot of health hazards to people. Use a large brush to clean all the vents. Start by removing the vent cover and clean the inside using the vacuum cleaner.

Leave It to the Professionals
When all is said and done, what you can only do is to clean the dust that has gathered in the system. This is no doubt a big part of the maintaining and cleaning process, but HVAC systems are surely more than that. For one, leaking is a very dangerous problem and could pose a huge fire threat to the house. Immediately contact professional air technicians when you smell gas around the room.

In the case of worse problems, only the professionals are really able to help you with repair and full-systems maintenance. Look out for any black soot that has gathered around your furnace. It poses a fire hazard as it impedes air circulation and allows the possibility of the substance to catch on fire. Normally, the gas produces a blue-colored flame, but when the color turns into any other different color, it is a sign that something other than the gas is burning.

Thus, it is crucial that you regularly maintain and properly use your gas furnace. However, considering the time, cost, and effort you have to put in when you try to do maintenance all by yourself, it is clearly best to hire professionals instead to work on your furnace. With their knowledge and skills, you’ll also get to learn other gas furnace maintenance tips in McKinney TX that they’ve acquired through their years of experience.

3 Common AC Problems that the Best McKinney Air Conditioning Repair Technician Will Be Looking Out For

As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure. Air conditioning units can last up to 20 years with regular maintenance. Without maintenance, you would be lucky to still have it running for 10 years. Several problems such as clogged airflow and coils that have frozen over are very common and these can quickly deteriorate your AC’s quality. Therefore, to have your full money’s worth from your unit, a yearly checkup from the Best McKinney Air Conditioning Repair Technician is a must.

Best McKinney Air Conditioning Repair TechnicianThe everyday AC unit has three main components, the compressor, the condenser, and the evaporator. Your Best McKinney Air Conditioning Repair Technician will be looking at these 3 parts and its minor components every time you get your air conditioning unit maintained. Here are some of the most common problems you may encounter from these 3 parts and what you can do to avoid it.

Compressor – Lost Cooling Capacity
Has your trusty AC not been meeting lately your cooling standards? This may have been caused by the failure of the compressor to maintain the correct pressure. This can also be caused by loose or worn compressors. In such cases, technicians will be able to check the pressure gauges and fix the pressure of the compressor. In extreme cases, parts of the compressor may need to be replaced.

To avoid this problem, be sure to regularly clean the air filters and check the blower fans. There are air filters that can be easily cleaned because they are detachable from the unit but some have to be replaced entirely. With the former, you can use a vacuum to suck out all the dust that gathered on your filter. Be careful if you choose to wash the filter with water, as it may cause more damage to the unit.

Condenser – Drop in Energy Efficiency
The condenser is a crucial part of the air conditioning unit because its main job is to cool down the refrigerant. Malfunctions can lead to insufficient cooling but especially low energy efficiency. This is usually caused by power supply issues, debris stuck inside the condenser unit, and leaking coolant. When this happens your electric bill will soar, especially if you let your AC on the whole day.

Since the condenser part of the air-conditioning unit is commonly found on the outside, regular cleaning and check-up can be done to ensure that no dirt, grime, or even big objects such leaves and sticks get stuck inside the condenser. Even before installing the unit, you have to be sure that the area surrounding the condenser is clean. In the case of leaking coolant, you should seek the help of an expert immediately.

Evaporator – Ice on the Evaporator Coil
Most people think that a layer of frost on the indoor coil is a natural part of the cooling process, but it isn’t. When you see this, it means that the evaporator coil hasn’t been transferring the heat properly like it should be. The cause could be a coolant leak, a clogged air filter, or even grime across the coil. If you have been using the unit continuously for long periods of time, this poses a serious problem because it also damages the other adjoining components as well. An AC repair will cost you a lot more with a frozen evaporator coil.

To prevent this, it is best if you let your unit rest every now and then especially on hot days. But when all else fails, seek for professional help.

Repairing, cleaning, and maintaining your unit can cost you a lot of time and trying to do it by yourself will always have the risk of damaging the AC with your own hand. To save time and effort, as well as a lot of money on repairs, have your air conditioning unit regularly maintained by the Best McKinney Air Conditioning Repair Technician. With us, you’ll be sure to have the best comfort provided by your air conditioning unit.

Taking Care of Your Air Conditioner McKinney TX

Just like any other appliance, your Air Conditioner McKinney TX needs proper maintenance every now and then. Experienced air conditioner technicians can surely help you with that, but you also play a huge part in making sure that your trusty AC is used and maintained properly. But how do you do that? Here’s a few things you can do to help take care of your air conditioner.

Clean the outside area of your unit

Frisco AC repairmanDirt and debris can block airflow. If this happens, your Air Conditioner McKinney TX will have a harder time doing its job. You can clean the outer part of your unit by using a garden hose to spray the outside. Be careful not to use a strong gush of water because the fins can easily bend. You can also use specific cleaning spray for your unit if the dirt is too much or too thick for water alone. You can head over to your local home improvement center to get one or consult your air conditioning system manual to see if there are any cleaning instructions that you can follow.

Check for leaks

Freon leaks are usually the culprits in making your air conditioning system malfunction. It can sometimes be caused by poor installation, factory defect, or wear and tear on the metal. It is important that you deal with this as soon as possible because Freon can be a health hazard. While we recommend that leaks should be handled by a professional, you can perform an easy check up on your Air Conditioner McKinney TX by taking a water spray bottle filled with a heavy soap solution. Carefully spray the solution around your unit and look for bubbles that appear over an area. This indicates the presence of a leak.

Do not abuse your thermostat

It would be best for you to set the thermostat to normal. Some believe that turning it all the way down will make the Air Conditioner McKinney TX cool faster. It doesn’t. What it does is make your system work harder than it should, making it a candidate for faster wear and tear.

Make sure to straighten the fins

As mentioned earlier, fins are easily bent so these should be regularly monitored and maintained to ensure they function properly. This can be easily done with the use of a comb fin. Check for the number of fins on the comb and make sure it matches the fins per inch on your unit. Gently brush the comb against the fins to restore its efficiency.

Clean or replace your air filter

A bad and dirty air filter can cause significant stress on the entire system. If not dealt with, it can end up destroying the unit. Cleaning or replacing an air filter is relatively easy. First, check your Air Conditioner McKinney TX manual if your filter is one that can be cleaned and reused or the type that has to be replaced entirely. If it is the former, make sure to check the filter at least once a month to remove dirt and debris. If it is the latter, try to get the filter replaced every two months.

Of course, there’s a lot more going on in an Air Conditioner McKinney TX than the aforementioned points. This is why It is imperative that you find a company who can do regular maintenance for you. This will save you more money in the long run and will prevent you from spending more time than you’re willing to without an air conditioning system.

How To Maintain Your Air Conditioner McKinney TX 

If you have an air conditioner McKinney TX, you understand that this is the most important device you own. Do you take the necessary measures to protect this important investment? Without proper maintenance, your AC unit can break and you lose the comfort you had.

Air Conditioning Repair McKinney TXWhen you consider how hot Texas is, you have to take care of your device. Always check for a consistent system performance. No one wants to lose  air conditioning in a hot summer. During the hottest days, a defective air conditioner can be dangerous for people or pets. Clean the HVAC system of your air conditioner McKinney TX before it leads to system failures that leave your home temperatures unbearable.

If you want to avoid these circumstances, regularly perform maintenance on your device. Regular maintenance not only keeps the device in good operation, but also extends the life cycle of the device.

Here’s how you can do a little DIY maintenance on your AC in thirteen simple steps:

  1. Turn off the unit or if it is a portable unit, by unplugging it from the wall outlet.
  2. Remove filter and tilt to check the cooling coil.
  3. Use a cleaning agent to clean the filters on your air conditioner McKinney TX and to spray the coil.
  4. Use tap water to rinse the filter.
  5. Reconnect filter and turn it on after 10 minutes
  6. Switch on the appliance and set it to cold.
  7. If the air smells a bit, restart the whole process from 1 to 6 until the smell has disappeared.
  8. Turn the unit off to start further maintenance.
  9. Check the outer coils for dust and dirt.
  10. If the coils are dirty, wipe them with a cloth or apply a foaming cleaner for 10 to 15 minutes.
  11. Use clean water to rinse the foam cleaner on your air conditioner McKinney TX.
  12. Test the unit by setting the thermostat after switching on.
  13. If you see something else that looks bad, call for an air conditioner repairIn McKinney, Texas.

A professional AC technician does more than clean and repair your cooling system. During maintenance checks, a technician can detect several signs of problems and repair them quickly so that you can enjoy a good day during the warmer times of the year.

If you are looking for the best air conditioner McKinney TX repair, check out Air Repair Pros. Air Repair Pros have been active in the AC Repair for over 38 years and has now repaired thousands of units. They are certified by the EPA and are best in providing quality services in McKinney, Texas and the rest of the area. Their previous customers consider them to be “fast, polite and easy to work with in addition to “arriving on time and completing the installation in time”. Contact them now at 972-625-1400 and plan your repair today.

Tell Tale Signs You Need To Consult Your Most Trusted AC Repair Company McKinney TX

Prevention is better than cure. Act before everything is too late with anything, same thing with your air conditioning systems, which you can’t predict its life expectancy since it really depends on how you use it and how often you had it be maintained by your most trusted ac repair company McKinney TX. Especially if you’re living in McKinney Texas, which is one of the hottest place on earth. If you suspect your air conditioning system is not up to par but you are not sure, there are a couple of warning signs to look out for. Moreover, in this article, we will take a look at the top two signs that the central air conditioning in your home is in need of repair. Without further ado McKinney residents, here are the tell-tale Signs you need to consult your most trusted ac repair company McKinney TX.
Best AC repair McKinney TX

Foul Odors

Your Air conditioning system should NEVER EVER give off strange and unpleasant odors. And if it does, it is a very clear indication that you really need to consult your most trusted ac repair company McKinney TX. If you can smell something weird coming from the vents, there’s a big probability that the wire insulation of your air conditioning system has probably given up, got burned out and of course, needs your help calling for you to replace it. Another indicator is a musty odor, it means that there could be a mold growing in the duct work or unit. In both of the cases, it is very essential to call your most trusted ac repair company McKinney TX right away so that it does not lead to more serious issues like safety or health problems for anyone inside your home, especially your children.

Bizarre Sounds

Remember that your air conditioning system is not a radio or a speaker unit, therefore it should not give you any kinds of sounds other than the air coming out from vents which is really a quiet blow that you can only hear if you put your ears close enough to it. But other than that, you should call immediately your most trusted ac repair company McKinney TX because it’s a clear sign that there is something wrong with your central air conditioning system. Any rattling, grinding, hissing, or grating that you hear coming from your air conditioning system is a very clear indication that something is wrong with your unit. There could be a problem with your compressor, or the outdoor unit’s fan is hitting something, the condensate drain is gurgling, fan motor bearings are shot, the fan belt might be misaligned or worn out or there’s an electrical problem that needs to be corrected. You can never really guess it unless you have it checked by most trusted ac repair company McKinney TX. If the sounds are ignored, and YOU SHOULD NEVER INGNORE, it will eventually lead to an expensive repair cost. That is why it is best to address the sounds as soon as you start hearing them.

Interested parties who would like to be among the first to experience Most Trusted AC Repair Company McKinney TX Air Repair Pros are encouraged to visit the website at for full details and to get started.

Most Common Signs Your A/C Needs Air Conditioning Repair Services McKinney TX

There are many air conditioning repair services McKinney TX to ensure that your air conditioner is working all year long with regular service. The most common failure of it is the evaporator, capacitor, refrigerant or condenser which is a factor in keeping up the function of an air conditioner. Remember, a broken air conditioner in the middle of a long and sweltering summer is one of the most frustrating things anyone can experience here in Texas.

Air Conditioning Repair Services McKinney TXThe air conditioning repair services McKinney TX aim to give their customers comfort and maximize the life expectancy of the air conditioner. The expenses for repairing this equipment is no joke so you really need to call on an expert.

The first thing to know is when should you call on your A/C to an air conditioning repair services McKinney TX? Listed are the signs below for the most common air conditioning failures:

  • The air conditioner sounds abnormal

Most air conditioners create noises as it does its cycle and as the time goes by, it will be just the typical noise you probably would hear all the time. If your unit makes clanking or banging sounds on startup, it is critical to have it checked out immediately. This tune-up could save you costly future repairs.

  • The air conditioner has weak air flow.

You will notice this sign because you will see the comparison of the air flow from the first up to the present day you have it. Weak air flow means that there are clogged filters or it can also mean that the fan is not working.

  • The air conditioner frequently turns on and off.

This means that your air conditioner is short cycling and it could likely completely fail or malfunction if it is not handled quickly. If it resets more frequently and the ambient temperature is lower than normal, it’s a sign you need to call air conditioning repair services McKinney TX.

  • There is a water leak on the AC.

Once there is moisture or leakage around or near the system, it can be a sign of a serious failure and health risks to you and your family if the leak is the refrigerant. If this occurs, you need to immediately call for repair.

  • The air conditioner releases an unpleasant smell.

This means that your unit is dirty or is infected with mold and mildew, inside and could spread contaminated air all throughout the house. This can also cause health issues for you and your family along with it being a nuisance.

Interested parties who would like to be among the first to experience the best AC repair service with Air Repair Pros are encouraged to visit the website for full details and to get started.

Tips for Choosing the Best McKinney Air Conditioning Repair Technician

Since you have invested a considerable amount in your AC system, it’s always understandable to trust only the best McKinney air conditioning repair technician. Failing to do so means risking your air conditioner to further damage. Consider these tips when choosing one.

Best McKinney Air Conditioning Repair TechnicianDo your research!

Research should not only involve “who” will repair but also “what” to repair. Always know at least the idea why your system failed. Study your brand and model then review the previous problems you encountered with the system or how frequent the maintenance is being done. Knowing these facts will guide you to choosing right guy to fix it.

This research will not only help you choose the best McKinney air conditioning repair technician but also will make you more familiar with your air conditioning unit. Your knowledge will give you confidence to diagnose the problem on your own and fix the system for any issue you might come across. In the long run, you’ll end up saving money.

Of course, we encourage you to seek professional help when you encounter more complicated problems. Sometimes, spending actually means saving. Failures in DIY sometimes lead to more expensive damages, so avoid that.

Estimate Cost

By now, you already have chosen a potential contractor as you already did your research. Don’t rush making a contract just yet. Estimate first the cost you will shoulder such as for the materials and labor. Consider too, energy saving and tax rebates.

This does not mean that the lower the cost, the better. Investing in energy saving technology may cost considerable upfront amount but in the long run, it will benefit you. Picking the cheapest technician and substandard material may give you increased energy costs that will burden you monthly.

If you are on a tight budget, look for the best McKinney air conditioning repair technician that offers a special package or promo to enjoy quality service at a lower price.

Review their portfolio

Experience is always an essential factor. You don’t want technicians will little experience to complicate the problem of your AC unit. Review the potential contractor’s website to check their previous projects. If they don’t have one, contact them directly.

Know how long they have been in business, whether they are full-time or part-time contractors, the experience they have with your brand and model, their expertise, the training they have to keep up with changing technology and so on.

Try to find a contractor who has experience with your specific AC model. It is recommended to avoid part-time contractors as we want the best professional technician.

Specify your brand

If the only solution is to replace your air conditioner, then make sure you are buying a brand that the best McKinney air conditioning repair technicians recommend. You may also specify your AC model if you are loyal to a specific brand. But if the AC problem is only minor, then make sure that your chosen contractor has the parts compatible with your current brand.

One project, one team

Cooperate with the contractor. Expect them to evaluate your system – this means inspecting not just your AC unit but also the other areas in your house. This is necessary for them to determine what to fix or what air conditioning needs your house has. Provide them the necessary information they need such as a house blue print if you have a large system. This will help them locate problems such as potential leaks in your duct system. Always work as a team.

We always want the best – and as any major investment in your house such as your air conditioning unit, don’t settle for less. Always choose the best McKinney air conditioning repair technician.

DIY steps in Air Conditioning Unit Repair in McKinney, Texas

If you are reading this article, then you probably have experienced having an air conditioner repair in McKinney, Texas. However, before you call for repair service, you might want to check on these DIY steps to see if you can fix the unit yourself.

DIY steps in Air Conditioning Unit Repair in McKinneySeveral issues that rise from using an air conditioner is simply due to improper or lack of maintenance of the unit.  Machines will inevitably break, but we can increase your AC’s lifespan with proper maintenance.

One of the most important maintenance tasks that you can do so that you don’t need to have an Air Conditioning Repair McKinney, Texas and ensure efficiency is to check the Air Conditioner Filters. You need to check your filters to keep it clean. If your filters are clogged and dirty, the dust and dirt will prevent proper airflow and will negatively affect the performance of your air conditioning unit.

Another section of your air conditioning unit that you need to check is the coil fins. They are made of aluminum, and they can be bent easily. You need to check them yourself, you don’t need to go for professional in McKinney, Texas if you can simply bend them to the original shape.

You also need to check the condensate drains for clogging. A clogged condensate drain negatively impacts your unit by increasing the humidity of the room. If your room is too humid, your carpets may have some discoloration as well as your wall paint.

Then, check the window seals. Your unit generates moisture, and it can cause negative effects on your unit, if cold air escapes from a breached seal, it could cause your AC to be overworked, which could end up with you needing an Air Conditioner Repair McKinney, Texas.

However, no matter how much we maintain our air conditioning it will ultimately break and fail. This is the inevitable reason repair and maintenance repair service companies exist. When the time comes that you need to get the best, yet honest repair people, look no further.  If you are looking for the best air conditioning repair McKinney, Texas, you don’t need to go too far. There is an efficient, dependable, and established business that will surely meet all your expectations regarding all your air conditioning needs. They are Air Repair Pros, and you will never meet anyone else like them.

Having been in business now for 17 years, Air Repair Pros strive to bring the best air conditioning repair service, maintenance, and education about proper usage for their customers. This dedication has made them known among customers as a business that sends appropriate help on time, provides the best service and the best customer experience.

Interested parties who would like to be experience the best AC repair service with Air Repair Pros are encouraged to visit the website for full details and to get started.

Get your Air Conditioner Repaired in McKinney TX

If you have an air conditioner in McKinney Texas, you understand that it is the most important appliance that you have. Are you taking the proper steps to protect this important investment? Without proper maintenance, your AC unit may break down, and you will lose the comfort that you have right now.

Air Conditioner Repaired in McKinney TXTherefore, considering how hot it is in Texas, you need to take proper care in maintaining your unit. Always check for Consistent System Performance. Nobody wants an air conditioner to give out during a hot summer. During the hottest days, a broken air conditioning unit can be dangerous for people or pets. Fix HVAC system problems early, before they lead to system breakdowns that leave in-home temperatures unbearable. If it does  happen, you may need to look for an Air Conditioner Repair service in McKinney, Texas.

If you want to avoid these circumstances, always do a regular maintenance on your unit. A regular maintenance not only keeps the unit working properly, it also prolongs the life cycle of the unit.

Here’s how you can do some DIY maintenance on your AC in thirteen easy steps:

  1. Turn off the power to unit.
  2. Detach the filter as well as the bezel to reveal the cooling coils.
  3. Use a cleaning agent specifically for cleaning AC’s and spray it to the coil.
  4. Use plain water to clean the filter and the bezel.
  5. Re-attach both the filter and the bezel then turn it on after 10 minutes.
  6. Turn on the unit and set it to cool.
  7. If the air smells a bit bad, restart the whole process from 1-6 until the odor is gone.
  8. Turn off the unit so that you can start other maintenance work.
  9. Check the outdoor coils for dirt and grime.
  10. If the coils are dirty, clean them with a rag or by applying a foaming cleaner for ten to fifteen minutes.
  11. Use clean water to rinse off the foaming cleaner.
  12. Test the unit by adjusting the thermostat after turning it on.
  13. If you see anything else that looks wrong, consult an Air Conditioner repair service in McKinney, Texas.

A professional AC technician does more than clean and fixe your cooling system. During maintenance checks, a technician can spot several problem signs and repair them early so that you can enjoy a cool day during the warmest times of the year.

If you are looking for the best Air Conditioner repair in McKinney, Texas, check out Air Repair Pros and let them do the job for you. Air Repair Pros has been in the business of repairing Air Conditioners for more than 38 years now and have fixed thousands of units. They are certified by the EPA and are the best in providing quality services for residential houses in McKinney, Texas and the rest of the surrounding are.  Their past customers consider them “prompt, courteous, and easy to work with.” as well as “arrives on time and completes installation in a timely manner.”  Contact them now at 972-625-1400 and schedule your repair today.

Choosing the Best McKinney A/C Repair Company

Looking for the best McKinney A/C repair company isn’t that hard. But you need to do your homework to get the service that you require for your air conditioning unit. An unpopular AC company doesn’t mean that they’re not the right fit. It’s important to find out how credible and reliable a company is before you hire them to do the work needed for your air conditioner. Let this be your guide in choose the best McKinney A/C repair company.

McKinney A/C repair companyWhere to Find Them
A good place to start is the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA). It is a non-profit organization that has members in the field of energy services and indoor environment. They help customers find the contractors who are reputable and provides high-quality services. The ACCA can provide you with referrals from the previous projects of the contractor.

Using Angie’s List is also a good start. It’s a website that gives you information on reviews and ratings of various businesses, including McKinney AC repair companies. Businesses are rated from A to F, and the site has customer reviews detailing the price, reliability, professionalism and other aspects.

Another great option is to ask your neighborhood for recommendations. If you have relatives who have contacted McKinney AC repair companies before, ask them. They’re people you can trust, and you will not be misled.

Better Business Bureau
Another great site to check is the Better Business Bureau which also has consumer ratings of McKinney A/C repair companies. You’ll see if a business has complaints about a contractor that you’re looking up. You can also call the BBB in your area if you have questions.

Check all the Necessary Paperwork
For your protection, it’s important to check if the contractor you’re about to hire is licensed and insured. A license ensures that a technician is competent enough to do AC repair work. Insurance covers the A/C specialist in case of an injury during the job.

Directly Ask for the Credentials
Ask which permits an AC repair company has. You can also do research on the brands they handle. It’s recommended to hire contractors that are experienced in the air conditioning unit that you own or want to install (in case of requests for new installation). Having an experienced technician prevents misunderstandings and technical problems in the future.

Contract Arrangements
Before signing up for a regular maintenance with the McKinney AC repair company, it’s important to take note of their guarantees. Do not just make a phone call. Send an email and then keep their reply for recording the guarantees they made.

An agreement must have the following details

  • Details of the jobs to be performed and when they’ll be performed
  • Costs of the repairs and the equipment
  • Due dates of the payment
  • When the project will be completed
  • Referrals (at least three)

Don’t forget to call the referrals and ask all the questions you can think of regarding the work to be performed. By getting all the information you need, you’ll be assured the transaction will be smooth for both parties.