Air Conditioning Repair Lewisville TX

It is unsafe to not have working air conditioning in this weather! Call and schedule your air conditioning repair today!

At the point when the heat of summer is overwhelming, you turn on your air conditioning system hoping that it will keep you and your family cool through those long, hot months. However, now and then, moving your thermostat from heat to cool doesn’t generally bring about the cooling you’re seeking after. Before you call for air conditioning repair in Lewisville TX, do some investigating to check whether you can get your unit up and running.


If your system isn’t running:


Check your thermostat to verify its set to “cool.”  And verify the temperature is situated lower than the indoor temperature of your home or you unit won’t realize that it should turn on.


Check outside to verify your condenser is working. In the event that your indoor regulator is situated effectively yet the outside unit isn’t running, check your circuit breakers to verify they’re good to go to “on.”


Check the main power switch for your air conditioning system. It’s normally situated outside by the condenser and ought to be set to “on.”


Verify whether the blower engine in your inside unit is running. In the event that it isn’t, verify that the switch for unit is on.


On the off chance that the greater part of your switches and circuit breakers are on and your indoor regulator is situated effectively and your unit still isn’t running, call for air conditioning repair in Lewisville TX for expert help.

If your system isn’t sufficiently cooling:


Check your AC filter. This is typically the guilty party when your house isn’t as cool as it ought to be. If your filter is grimy, replace it and remember to change filters consistently. If your channel gets excessively obstructed, it can bring about your unit to fail by obstructing the proper air flow.


Check your air return grills to verify they’re not blocked. Your air conditioner uses return grills to maneuver air once again into the system so that it can be cooled. Hindering the grills with furniture or different impediments can bring about your air conditioning system not to work appropriately.


Check the greater part of the registers that blow icy air out to verify they’re totally open.


In the event that these straightforward steps don’t enhance the measure of cool air blowing from your framework, call for air conditioning repair in Frisco TX.


Some different issues you may have that could mean you need help:


Your ventilation system cycles on and off habitually and still can’t keep up with cooling.


Your indoor mugginess level is by all accounts uncommonly high.


Your unit runs however the air leaving the registers is warm.


Air Conditioning Repair Lewisville TX

Get the best air conditioning repair possible, with the Air Repair Pros

Air Repair Pros is the air conditioning repair company you should call. We are specialists in home AC repair and can give you 24/7 emergency service. Visit to take in more about our services and to discover our current specials on air conditioning repair.


Air Conditioning Repair in Lewisville TX

If you need air conditioning repair in Lewisville, TX or any other North Dallas city, call Air Repair Pros.

When you live in North Texas, you know how your home air conditioning system battles to fight the heat and there are times when you may need to call air conditioning repair in Lewisville TX to make sense of why it isn’t cooling effectively. Your AC expert will presumably run a complete inspection of your system, and he will let you know if the issue isn’t with the cooling unit. If you change your AC unit’s filters  consistently to hold them from slowing down the wind current through the system, then your air conditioning system may be having some major snags keeping your home at the temperature you set on the thermostat on account of what you’re doing or not doing in whatever remains of the house.

Ask the professional who does your air conditioning repair in Lewisville TX to check your air conditioning work for breaks, splits or openings where cool air could be leaking. He should likewise check for satisfactory wrap-around insulation around all ventilation work and for leaks that can happen at the point where the ventilation work interfaces with vents and registers. The technician ought to check your attic insulation to verify its adequate to keep cool air from getting away into the loft space.


In the rest of your home, verify that you keep your shades or blinds shut amid the most blazing part of the day or when the sun will be shining directly through your windows. In the event that you have open air canopies covering windows or yard entryways, verify they’re completely extended. Do whatever it takes not to utilize your over in the heat of the day. In the event that you can, cook with your microwave however much as could be expected. Your stove raises the temperature inside your home while its working and while its cooling off. Keep your roof fans running. It utilizes a negligible measure of energy which will be balance by turning your indoor regulator up 5 degrees. Turning the indoor regulator up while utilizing roof fans can bring down your cooling bill by 10 percent.

Do the change to energy saving lights. Under 10 percent of the energy created by incandescent bulbs creates light. The other 90 percent produces heat. If you have incandescent bulbs in the majority of your installations, your are increasing the temperature inside your home unnecessarily. If you have brought in a specialist in air conditioning repair in Lewisville TX, get some information about programmable thermostats. He ought to have the capacity to prescribe and introduce a thermostat that will give you a chance to control the temperature inside your home even while you’re far from it. Letting your thermostat alter your home’s temperature will keep you from cooling it an excessive amount of when its empty and will guarantee that the temperature setting is changed in accordance with keep you comfortable when you stroll in the entryway.

Air Conditioning Repair Lewisville, TX

Ask your air conditioning repair expert about programmable thermostats, which can save you even more money.

Taking after these easy steps won’t just help your air conditioning system to cool all the more efficiently, which will broaden the life of your unit, it will likewise bring down your month to month electric bills. For the best AC service in the North Dallas area, call Air Repair Pros at 972-625-1400 and visit for important coupons. Our experts will look at your air conditioning through and through and issue you pointers for verifying it keeps running at peak effectiveness and reduce the chance of needing an air conditioning repair in Lewisville, TX.


Air Conditioning Repair Lewisville TX

Our air conditioning repair services can help keep you comfortable all year.

At the point when the majority of our clients think about our air conditioning repair Lewisville TX, they likely consider our devotion to keeping their homes cool in the summer, and pleasantly warmed in the winter. Be that as it may, at Air Repair Pros, we do substantially more than that. We are prepared and willing to keep your home comfortable, as well as keep it reliable too. One imperative, famous service we offer to our clients is an indoor air quality study and inspection. Essentially, this implies we do a careful appraisal of the air in your home to figure out whether or not it has contaminants that are negative to your well-being and prosperity.

Air quality in one’s house is frequently disregarded. All things considered, it is not an issue that is unmistakable, which makes it simple to go unnoticed. Then again, it is definitely important and ought to be held under tight restraints by experts who know air quality best. Did you realize that specialists have regarded indoor air to be up to 2-5 times more contaminated than open air? The Environmental Protection Agency, or EPA, thinks of it as a noteworthy natural wellbeing concern. Knowing this can help you make the proper moves to guaranteeing that your home does not fall into this “hazardous home” classification.

What sorts of contaminants may be in your home? Gasses are a noteworthy wellbeing risk, which are regularly present in the home because of family appliances. On the off chance that left unchecked, they can be exceptionally risky. Radon, for instance, is a gas that is hard to identify all alone in light of the fact that it can’t be smelled or felt, yet it can add to lung cancer if permitted to go undetected. Mold and mildew might likewise be stowing away in territories of your home that you can’t achieve or see, which can influence the air your relax. In the event that you have pets, you may be managing dander. Then again you may be managing toxins in your family air as an aftereffect of pest droppings or pesticides that have been abandoned.


Air Conditioning Repair Lewisville TX

Air conditioning repair services can help reduce the chance of your home being unhealthy.

With such a variety of potential risks in your house, being proactive with an air investigation just bodes well. At Air Repair Pros air conditioning repair Lewisville TX service, we will go to your home and perform an inside and out review of the air inside. We will answer any inquiries you may have and offer tips on the best way to enhance the air quality. In particular, we will draw out into the open any issues you may be managing and help you to determine them. At Air Repair Pros, your solace and security is our first priority.


In the event that it has been a long while since your last indoor air quality check, or in the event that you have never had one done, give our professional air conditioning repair Lewisville TX service a call today. You can call us at 469-352-5233 or visit us online at



When you need AC repair in Lewisville, TX, everything is uncomfortable.

The summer weather has arrived and you need air conditioning repair in Lewisville, TX. Staying cool and comfortable is vital for your wellbeing, comfort, and temperament. However, what do you do if your air conditioner fails? Will you be hopeless all summer as well in risk of health issues coming about because of the heat. Air Repair Pros, the best AC repair company Lewisville TX, has the answer for your summer troubles. See below for the top reasons that your AC unit can fall flat and why you need help from experts.


One reason is broken ducts. Unsealed or messy ventilation work is an energy waster that will cost you. Sometimes, ventilation work can be assembled utilizing amateurish materials that may not last. Wasted cooled air and contaminants can be the aftereffect of broken items. Issues with allergens, dampness that causes mold, and scents can happen when seals are not done appropriately. Air Repair Pros AC repair company Lewisville TX can run a full inspection on your unit to analyze this issue. You can rely on the Air Repair Pros to discover and fix the issue.


Filthy coils are another reason that your AC unit could be breaking down. Air conditioning units take the warmth out of the air as opposed to including coolness. Air conditioning coils need to be clean and icy to devour heat. Regardless of the fact that your house is kept squeaky clean, microorganisms and different poisons can exist as an issue. These contaminations can coat the cooling coil which is moist so it sticks. It then turns to slime. This makes an effective insulator, keeping the unit from working effectively and keeping you cool. Air Repair Pros AC repair company Lewisville TX will check your coils and clean them when necessary to keep you feeling great all summer.


Condenser fan issues can happen when the fan isn’t removing hot air outside. It’s conceivable that the air conditioning unit will overheat if the fan isn’t performing like it ought to be. The outcome can be a broken AC unit or an energy bill that is significantly larger than you need to pay. Air Repair Pros AC repair company Lewisville TX will verify that your condenser fan is working at top efficiency to save you money.


Air Conditioning Repair Lewisville TX

The thermal expansion valve can be a cause of early AC repair in Lewisville TX

The thermal expansion valve is a vital part in your air conditioner that regulates and directs the refrigerant that needs to course through the AC unit. On the off chance that the valve isn’t working effectively the development of the system can be hindered or even overwhelmed. This can bring about the unit stop working. In the event that the thermal expansion valve isn’t working you will feel the warmth.

Air Repair Pros AC repair company Lewisville TX experts can help with the greater part of the above issues. Contact them today for your air conditioning repair in Lewsiville, TX needs.


The best time to arrange an AC repair in Lewisville TX is before the hot climate hits. As it would turn out, you need it in tip-top condition to keep you cool and comfortable amid the ruthless Texas summer heat. That makes winter and early spring the ideal time to get your ventilating unit in impeccable working condition. Regardless of the possibility that you’ve been constant about keeping your ventilation system adjusted through the years, then again, there are times when the better decision is to replace it as opposed to paying for yet another round of repairs that may not by any means get you through the whole summer.


Energy Star labels can help guide you on your next replacement of AC repair in Lewisville TX

The Energy Star site exhorts that your heating and cooling system in general may require a replacement rather than repair if your energy use is over the top. You could measure up your service bills in the course of the last few summers to get a thought of how productive your air conditioner is. On the other hand, the Energy Star Home Energy Yardstick will ascertain your home’s vitality use. On the off chance that your score on the Home Energy Yardstick is beneath five, that is a warning that AC repair in Lewisville TX won’t give a long haul solution.


The Home Improvement Helper records a couple of different issues you ought to consider when confronted with choosing AC repair in Lewisville TX or a substitution. For instance, if your air conditioner is more than 10 years of age, it might not have enough life left in it to make a repair financially savvy. In spite of the fact that more current AC systems should have a 12- to 18-year life, units produced in the 1990s and prior weren’t as energy efficient. Some of the time the expense of the repair is the best decider concerning a repair or replacement. If you’ll be spending over $500 only for a repair, moving up to a more current, more proficient air conditioner is the better decision.


Air Conditioning Repair Lewisville TX

The SEER rating will help determine whether you need to replace or repair air conditioning in Lewisville, TX

In the event that you have to arrange a repair for your AC or you’d like some expert help in deciding if now is the ideal time to replace it, call the experts at Air Repair Pros. They have almost 40 years of experience in air conditioning repair and installation. Your Air Repair Pros expert technician will give an assessment, and knowledgeable advice on the brands and sorts of new HVAC systems accessible. Whether your AC issue is at home or the workplace, Air Repair Pros can deal with the issue with both residential and commercial installations. Call Air Repair Pros to begin with, and know that they will fix it right, the first time, on your next AC repair in Lewisville, TX.