How To Repair Split-Type Air Conditioning Systems

How To Repair Split-Type Air Conditioning SystemsYou can find split-type air conditioning mostly in business establishments, but sometimes they can be used at home, too. For companies that own this type of air conditioner, they have no problems getting it fixed since it is part of the company’s monthly facility maintenance, but it’s a different problem for homeowners. It can be expensive to have technicians check them or fix them whether the problem is big or small. If the problems you encounter are just standard ones, then it’s safe to check it yourself or try to fix it without any professional help.

The very basic need of a split-type air conditioner is getting it cleaned or cleaning the filters. It is very easy, and it’s something that you can often do. Just lift the rear cover of the air conditioner and you will right away see the filters. Make sure when you lift the filters, no dust or lint will fall back into the air outlet or air return grid. Wipe the lint off in case the dust goes inside because it might get blown in the air even after cleaning the filters. After taking the filters out, use a damp microfiber towel (or regular damp towel) to wipe off the thick lint. Then, place the filter under running water with enough pressure to push the collected dust down without breaking the screen.

The next problem you might come across is a leaking air conditioner. It is very common and most of the time the reason for the leak is not that serious and can be fixed easily without any professional help. One of the reasons is that the pan that catches any condensation is full. This part of the air conditioner is called an overflow pan. The first thing you have to do is check if the container is full or if there is any damage or hole. If it’s full, simply throw the water away, but if there is a hole or crack, then it’s best to replace it. You can easily find replacements from the manufacturer or shops that sell air conditioner parts separately.

Another common problem you might encounter is coils or filters that produce ice. If you have been using your air conditioner very often and turning them off less, then the leak might be coming from the filter or coil that caused ice formation due to frigid air and the air conditioning is not given enough time to melt the ice. This leak is not a serious problem but may serve as a red flag if you turn your air conditioning off a bit longer than you should. The melted ice might drip inside the system and cause failure in the future, so leaving the air conditioning on longer and not giving it enough time to rest is not advised.

If you encounter any leakage problem with your split-type air conditioning, then you might need to find a technician to check on the problem since the rest will require you to open and diagnose the system.