Gas Furnace Maintenance Tips in McKinney TX to Keep Your Gas Furnace in Shape

The average gas furnace can last up to 20 years with regular maintenance and proper use. Of course, gas furnaces don’t take care of themselves. Homeowners thus have the greatest responsibility in taking care of the system. If you were looking for gas furnace maintenance tips in McKinney TX, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will be considering some few gas furnace maintenance tips in McKinney TX that everyone can do, even without professional training.

Gas Furnace Maintenance Tips in McKinney TXClean and Replace the Filter System
The filter is a major part of the gas furnace because it prevents dirt from entering the furnace. Proper maintenance of this valuable part involves cleaning or replacing the filter when needed. To locate the filter, refer to the manual as it may be kept hidden or screwed tightly to the system. It is usually easily to remove the air filter. When removed, wash it properly with water, removing all dirt, dust, and debris stuck to the filter. Leave it to completely dry and return it to its place in the system. Be sure that it is absolutely dry as a wet filter may cause huge damage to the system.

Clean or Repair Furnace Ducts
Furnace ducts are more prone to damages especially when using a forced-air furnace. In such cases, use a high-powered vacuum cleaner to clean the air ducts. Be sure to turn on the fan while you are cleaning, so that the dust you disturb will be blown away. Set the thermostat to “fan on”, and turn the “heat/cool” mode off so that only the fan is running. Once finished, cover all ducts to prevent dust from going back into the furnace.

Clean the Vents
Gas furnaces are connected to a venting system. This ventilation at some point can clog due to large amounts of dust and debris. A clogged ventilation is very dangerous and it may cause a lot of health hazards to people. Use a large brush to clean all the vents. Start by removing the vent cover and clean the inside using the vacuum cleaner.

Leave It to the Professionals
When all is said and done, what you can only do is to clean the dust that has gathered in the system. This is no doubt a big part of the maintaining and cleaning process, but HVAC systems are surely more than that. For one, leaking is a very dangerous problem and could pose a huge fire threat to the house. Immediately contact professional air technicians when you smell gas around the room.

In the case of worse problems, only the professionals are really able to help you with repair and full-systems maintenance. Look out for any black soot that has gathered around your furnace. It poses a fire hazard as it impedes air circulation and allows the possibility of the substance to catch on fire. Normally, the gas produces a blue-colored flame, but when the color turns into any other different color, it is a sign that something other than the gas is burning.

Thus, it is crucial that you regularly maintain and properly use your gas furnace. However, considering the time, cost, and effort you have to put in when you try to do maintenance all by yourself, it is clearly best to hire professionals instead to work on your furnace. With their knowledge and skills, you’ll also get to learn other gas furnace maintenance tips in McKinney TX that they’ve acquired through their years of experience.

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