We all know its hot outside in the Texas summer, but it doesn’t need to be hot inside with the best air conditioning repair in Flower Mound TX.

At the point when the warm weather hits hard and you turn up your air conditioning, you need it to work; you would prefer to not need to call for air conditioning repair in Flower Mound TX before you can utilize your air conditioner. The best thing you can do to plan for the coming of another hot, Texas summer is to have a HVAC professional perform an inspection on your HVAC system. What does an inspection involve?


A check of your thermostat to verify its working appropriately. A energy-saving thermostat is recommended in the event that you don’t as of now have one. Energy-saving thermostats are programmable and permit you to set them to work just when you’re at home.


Ensuring every electrical connection is solid and a measurement of the current and voltage on all motors. Terrible electrical connections can destroy parts quicker and make your unit dangerous to operate.

Greasing up moving parts. Without excellent lubrication, grinding in engines can build and lead to an increase in the amount of power you need to work your AC.


A check of the condensation drain pan and hose inside your home. A stopped up hose or rusted container can bring about water spills inside your home and can build the amount of dampness inside your home.


A check of the framework controls to verify that your unit turns on, works and turns off the way it should.


Cleaning of the evaporator and condenser coils. Dirty coils lessen your air conditioner’s efficiency and can make it run longer than it ought to, costing you more cash in higher electric bills. It can likewise decrease the life of your equipment.

Air Conditioning Repair Flower Mound TX

If your refrigerant levels are low, you probably need some sort of air conditioning repair, due to a leaking part.

A check of the refrigerant levels in your air conditioning unit. An excessive amount of or too minimal refrigerant can bring about your unit to work less efficiently and will bring about higher energy bills and shorter AC life.


A cleaning and adjustment, if necessary, of blower segments to guarantee the best airflow from your air conditioning system.


You can likewise do your part to evade an air conditioning repair in Flower Mound TX before and amid the months when your air conditioning is working its hardest. Change your air conditioner’s filters consistently. Obstructed, grimy filters can significantly decrease the cooling proficiency of your air conditioner and can permit a build up of dirt and debris that can harm your unit. In case you’re uncertain how to do it, approach your HVAC professional for help. When you’re prepared to schedule your air conditioning inspection to prevent air conditioning repair in Flower Mound TX, call us Air Repair Pros at 214-890-4443.


Air Conditioning Repair Flower Mound

Air conditioning repair is common on these taxing summer days.

Another long, hot, sweat-soaked Texas summer is here, which makes you wonder:  “How did the pioneers do it?”  How could they have been able to work in the heat, in the fields, throughout the day and return home to un-cooled homes? Fortunately, we don’t have that issue. The majority of us have air conditioning to get back home to – unless, obviously, it fails. At that point we have air conditioning repair in Flower Mound TX to return home to.


What precisely can turn out badly with these wonders of present day designing that would make us need air conditioning repair in Flower Mound TX? A lot, really. Not at all like heaters and other central heating units, air conditioning systems are genuinely perplexing brutes that rely upon numerous conditions being met for the system to work the way it should keeping in mind the end goal to make frosty air:


➙  The unit must be sized accurately to meet the load  prerequisite for the home. The cooling burden is the measure of conditioned air that is expected to cool an assigned region. On the off chance that the unit in your house is the wrong size – too enormous or too little to handle the load – your home won’t be cooled or dehumidified properly. Likewise, if you expand the load on your home by including more individuals and appliances that create warmth or you modify the structure of the home by including space, your AC won’t have the capacity to keep up.


➙  Your air conditioner is fabricated to carry a certain “charge” of refrigerant to cool your home. On the off chance that your unit builds up a refrigerant leak, it won’t have the capacity to keep up with the load  on your home, regardless of the possibility that you don’t include individuals or space.

➙  The huge, noisy box that sits outside your house is the condenser unit and inside the condenser unit are condenser coils. The job of the coils in the air conditioning unit is to exchange heat from within the house to the outside air so any sort of dirt, trash or other build up on the coils can extraordinarily decrease the unit’s cooling capacity.


➙  Regular upkeep is conceivably the most essential condition that must be met to keep your home cool this summer. This incorporates not just preseason inspection by an expert in air conditioning repair in Flower Mound TX, however consistent filter changes and upkeep of the area – including weed trimming and clearing – around the outside condenser unit will have a tremendous effect.


Air Conditioning Repair Flower Mound TX

Get an air conditioning repair or inspection today so you don’t need to worry.

In the event that any of these conditions for ideal running of your ventilating framework aren’t met, your air conditioning could come up short on you this summer – either by not cooling as you anticipate that it will or by having a complete system breakdown. To discover all the more about keeping your air conditioning system up and running, call Air Repair Pros at 214-890-4443. You can plan an arrangement to have one of our technicians give your system a preseason inspection. Visit to find out more information about air conditioning repair in Flower Mound, TX..



Have you had your air conditioning service performed lately?

Most homes have central air conditioning systems installed by an air conditioning service Flower Mound TX. Whole house air conditioners are more efficient than room air conditioners. They run discreetly and the central unit is put in a lawn or inconspicuous area.

In the event that you’ve had your central air system for quite a long time and it has all the earmarks of working correctly, you ought to still have it checked by an experienced air conditioning service Flower Mound, TX. On the off chance that the framework is obsolete, it may bring about higher energy bills and substandard cooling, regardless of the fact that the system demonstrates no outward issues. As it gets hotter in summer, its a smart thought to take a gander at a percentage of the highlights you’ll require in an air conditioner upgrade.


A High Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating (SEER)

An air conditioner with a high Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating (SEER) cools a house all the more productively and saves the proprietor cash on energy bills. The SEER number demonstrates the measure of energy expected to accomplish a specific cooling output. The higher the number, the more efficient the air conditioning system. Older central air systems may have ratings of six or less, yet 13 is the base for recently introduced frameworks. Check with your air conditioning service Flower Mound TX to determine your ventilation system’s SEER rating and how to enhance it.

Coordinating Outdoor and Indoor AC Units

When you choose to update your air conditioning system, your nearby HVAC contractor will need to replace your more established model outside compressor with a more effective unit. The air conditioning service Flower Mound TX will verify the substitution compressor works with your indoor unit. On the off chance that you have an indoor unit that goes back to the 1980s or some time recently, it might be a smart thought to begin fresh with an altogether new system.


Air Conditioning Repair Flower Mound TX

Get an air conditioning service completed today, so you will make it through the summer

Different Features to Look for in a New Air Conditioner

An air conditioning system with a thermal expansion valve will promise proficient operation amid the most blazing climate. The unit ought to have a fan-only switch to decrease AC costs during the evening when lighter operation will suffice. At last, verify the unit has a programmed delay fan switch to kill the fan after the compressor shuts down.


At Air Repair Pros Air Conditioning Service Flower Mound TX, we offer regular inpsections, year-round preventative maintenance, air conditioning repairs, upgrades and new system installations. Whether you require a quick AC inspection or a new system, we can offer assistance. Call us at 214-890-4443 for a free estimate or to arrange for an air conditioning repair.


Air Conditioning Repair Flower Mound TX

When you change your thermostat from heat to cool, you might find out that you need air conditioning repair in Flower Mound TX

If you’re anticipating summer however you’re not looking forward to high cooling bills, then now is the ideal time to call for air conditioning repair in Flower Mound TX. Despite the fact that you’re not running your AC yet, its generally astute to get a preseason checkup before you flip the switch on your indoor regulator from “warmth” to “cool.”  A checkup can empower your AC professional to discover and repair any little issues that can transform into enormous issues when the summer warmth goes into full swing. It can likewise permit him to give your unit a tune-up to verify it keeps running as productively as could be allowed.

One of the things you ought to verify the professional who performs your air conditioning repair in Flower Mound TX doesn’t miss is your thermostat. He can check it to verify its working legitimately and he can likewise issue you some counsel about more current, better thermostats that can help work your AC all the more effectively to save you cash. In the event that you don’t have one as of now, get some information about programmable indoor regulators that can save you an average of $180 a year on your warming and cooling bills.

As a rule, programmable indoor regulators come in two sorts:


The weekday/weekend models that permit you to program one setting for the 5 days a week you work and some other setting for the weekend.


The seven-day models that let you program an alternate setting for each day of the week.

Air Conditioning Repair Flower Mound TX

Setting the right temperature on your thermostat will help you save money on your air conditioning in Flower Mound TX

Some of the highlights that programmable indoor regulators ought to offer include:


A movable cycle that gives you a chance to set the quantity of times in an hour that your indoor regulator turns your AC on and off. They ought to likewise have a advanced recovery system that permits the indoor regulator to turn your air conditioning system on or off amid a energy saving period so that you’re generally comfortable.


An auto changeover switch that lets the indoor regulator switch from cool to warmth or warmth to cool when the Texas climate is unpredictable in the early spring or late fall.


A touch-screen menu with clear onscreen prompts to make the indoor regulator less demanding to work than they have been previously. They ought to additionally have vast readouts for temperature and time and a way to remind you – with either a “hold” catch or a light – when you’re overriding a energy sparing mode. The framework status – “warmth” or “cool” ought to be plainly shown and the read-out ought to have a sufficiently brilliant screen so you can see it in a dim foyer.


A filter change update that will stay informed concerning the last time you changed your AC’s filter and remind you when now is the right time to do it once more.


Air Conditioning Repair Flower Mound TX

Keeping your air filters clean can help you to avoid an expensive air conditioning repair in Flower Mound TX

A memory-sparing highlight that will empower the indoor regulator to save the majority of your settings if there should be an occurrence of a blackout.


Summer will be here soon, so call to schedule a checkup with us at Air Repair Pros at 214-890-4443. Visit us online at to discover additional savings. We’re the authorities in air conditioning repair in Flower Mound TX.