Common Heating Problems in McKinney TX

Be prepared for the cold winter season by considering the many possible heating system problems that may arise. From lack of maintenance to a faulty thermostat, you really have to be aware of these common heating problems in McKinney TX so as to prevent your heating system from breaking down during the cold. Below are the most common heating problems in McKinney TX.

December Common Heating Problems in McKinney TX1. Uncleaned Filters
This is one of the most overlooked problems by homeowners, a dirty and clogged filter. Filters are crucial to the system as they protect the heater from materials in the air than may cause the system to malfunction. An uncleaned filter means that your heater is taking in less air, so the system is forced to do more than what it should be doing. This stress decreases your heating system’s lifespan, making you lose your money’s worth on heating. To prevent this, don’t forget to clean your filters or have them regularly checked up by your trusted technician.

2. Wear and Tear
If your heating system has been around for a long time and hasn’t been properly maintained, mechanical wear and tear will start to affect the heating output. Worn out parts such as belts and bearings can cause the heater to overheat or produce lesser heat than what is desired. This only does not cause discomfort during the winter, but it also increases your utility bill, as your system’s efficiency is severely lowered. Your heating system might even turn out to be more of a problem than the cold!

3. Malfunctioning Thermostat
The thermostat controls and regulates the amount of heat going inside the home. It plays a crucial part in balancing the homeowner’s comfort and the heating system’s capacity to heat. With a faulty thermostat, you might start to wonder why the same temp you always set the heater to is warmer or colder than usual. This dulls your sense of heat and causes great discomfort in winter. You’ll be settling for too hot or too cold by then. However, it is possible to change or repair just your thermostat. And if your thermostat is quite outdated, consider installing a newer one. Today’s thermostats allow you to schedule temperature changes, which will result in utility savings!

4. Lack of Maintenance
All of the problems mentioned above are commonly due to the lack of maintenance on the heating system. True, you may not have been using the heater for the whole year, but that is exactly the reason why most people forget to maintain their systems. Lack of maintenance and cleaning allows the system to gather dirt and dust, causing problems on the filter. With regular maintenance, you make your heating system or any HVAC system last its money’s worth. A well-maintained heating system can last up to 20 years as opposed to a neglected system that may only last 7 years tops.

So now you know the importance of maintenance! To avoid these common heating problems in McKinney TX, be sure to employ only the best air repair services in the area. The Air Repair Pros would love to discuss your heating options for this upcoming winter.

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