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Tips for Reducing Heating Costs in Frisco TX

Trying to balance your utility budget especially when the winter months are drawing closer? No doubt, heating will play a huge part during the next few months, so that means spending much more money on utilities. So to make sure that your heating bill stays as low as possible during the cold days, let’s consider these basic tips for reducing heating costs in Frisco TX.

How to Fix Heating System in Frisco TXLower Your Thermostat
It’s pretty amazing how the body is very sensitive to temperature change. But it’s likely that you won’t notice a huge difference in your surroundings if you turn down the temp just a few degrees. It’s projected that it can save you 5-10 percent off your heating bill and even that small amount of savings counts (considering you have to battle the cold for an additional few months). Try to turn down the heat whenever you leave your home to save on energy.

Consider a Smart Thermostat
Many digital thermostats offer the option to schedule the adjusting of the heat when you like it. They usually cost around $30 or even more, but investing on a programmable thermostat will save you much more money in the long run.

Schedule a Regular Checkup
There are a several number of factors that can only be addressed by professional technicians. The biggest reason why you should get your heating system regularly checked up is so that it your system reaches its money’s worth. The average heating system lasts up to 15 years but can be still functional and economical up to 20 years. While also providing professional tips for reducing heating costs in Frisco TX, expert technicians will be able to make your system go a long way.

Check the Unit
In between routine checkups, you can do basic maintenance on your system by looking for foreign elements that may be ruining your system. Check the exterior of your heating unit. Remove anything that is stacking against the heat pump or draping anything over it. If not sure what to do, just clear the surrounding area and ask for basic advice from your technician the next time they come over.

Insulate Your Home
To make the most out of the heat coming into your home, you have to make sure the heat stays inside. By insulating, you save up to 25% of heating and cooling energy. However, insulating is quite expensive. Talk to your heating technician about your options.

With these tips for reducing heating costs in Frisco TX, you’re sure to save on utility costs when the cold days come. Also, make sure that you fix air leaks in your home to avoid wasting energy. If you have any further questions or would like to schedule a service call, please feel free to contact Air Repair Inc. at 972-625-1400.

Winter is Coming – Heat Pump Maintenance in Frisco TX

With the winter season slowly approaching, it is very possible for many homeowners to overlook their heat pump maintenance. When winter does come before you’ve had your regular maintenance schedule, problems such as insufficient heating, soaring electricity bills, and even damage to the heat pump may pile up and it’ll leave you with a rough time as you now approach summer. Thus, it is very important to make regular heat pump maintenance in Frisco TX a habit.

In this article, let’s consider some basic maintenance tips that you can do for your heat pump maintenance in Frisco TX in preparation for the winter season. Note that most of these tips are things that your everyday inexperienced homeowner can do as it is best to leave most of the technical stuff to the professionals.

Heat Pump Maintenance in Frisco TXIndoor Unit Maintenance

Possible the simplest part of the indoor unit you can do maintenance on by yourself is the air filter. Many air filters are removable, allowing you to simply clean it. Just follow your manual on how to remove the air filter as it may differ from other models. Once you remove the filter, you can use a brush to clean and remove the dust that gathered on it. Be very careful if you decide to clean it with water because a wet filter can cause a great deal of damage to the system.

The other parts of the indoor unit require specific skills in order to properly clean them without causing damage. In case you were wondering what a technician might do for maintenance, they will have to do check-up on the electrical system, the blower motor, the indoor coil, the drain pan, the drain line, and many other parts that are pretty sensitive yet important to the whole system. Without proper skill and training, an amateur might just be the cause for the heat pump’s malfunction. You’ll be better off just cleaning the air filter.


Outdoor Unit Maintenance

When snow melts, the water might get into the system and make a mess out of it. Additionally, harsher weather conditions such as snow storms can cause debris to get stuck inside the outdoor unit. That is why it is very important to choose the right location for the unit. You can also protect the pump by keeping snow, ice, and leaves away by making a cover for the pump. Make sure to keep your heat pump away from gutters as the dripping water might permanently damage the system. Also, keep your heat pump stays elevated to keep the coils clear of snow and ice and to allow for proper drainage.

Be alert when ice starts to build up on the unit, especially after bad weather. When it is covered in snow or in ice, turn the thermostat to emergency heat or the off position while removing the build-up. Use the right tools to clean the pump. If you’re at a loss, just call the professionals and let them clean the pump for you.

With proper use and regular maintenance, you keep early break down of your heat pump at bay. Start scheduling a maintenance session with the Air Repair Pros and avoid any delays so as not to be overtaken by the winter season. Make heat pump maintenance in Frisco TX a habit to reach your heat pump’s maximum life span!

Easy and Safe Gas Furnace Repairs That You Can Do As Part Of Heating System Services in Frisco TX

A lot of people consider the furnace as one of their home’s most important equipment, which is very much true most especially during cold winter months, when getting some heat intake is very important. Additionally, this is the very reason why knowing how to fix your furnace in case some troubleshooting problems arise can be very invaluable. Here are some things you can do by yourself as part of heating system services in Frisco TX.

Heating System Services in Frisco TXOn And Off Problems
If your furnace keeps on turning on and off, this is usually just a simple problem with the unit’s heat anticipator. When you open the box, you will see inside a small disk that is located in the middle.
Take a closer look and you will find the word “LONGER” on it. Then, try to find a small handle that touches aware. Once you locate that small handle, turn it towards the word “LONGER”.
After completing the steps, turn on your furnace and let it run for a few hours. Then you’re done if it works alright. If the furnace is still turning on and off, just repeat the steps given above. Continue doing so until the problem stops.

No Heat Generation
If your unit is not generating heat, then the problem is most probably the pilot light. Try to checking out your pilot light and see if it is turned on or if it is out. If you found it to be out, then you would have to relight it. In case you do not know how to relight it, simply consult your unit’ manual or contact a professional that does heating system services in Frisco TX. This is relatively easy task that you can do by simply following some simple instructions.

No Air
If your unit is running but doesn’t blow any air, turn off the power of your unit. You should turn off the gas from the gas valve which is serving your furnace. Then, remove the door of your furnace cabinet so you can have access to your blower. When you already have full access, check out the number that is stamped on the belt of your furnace. Go to your local shop and get an exact replacement of the belt. Once you’ve got the replacement belt, then go back to your furnace cabinet and install the new belt. Generally, you can just slip it on your motor’s smaller pulley then put it on your motor’s blower pulley.

Try rotating the blower pulley using your hand, while you hold the belt in place. You should be able to get the belt right in place if you get this right. You may need to adjust the motor mount so there can be more slack in the fixture if it looks a little too tight. After adjusting, try to tighten the tension again, once you have the belting the right place. It would be better to check your manufacturer’s specifications regarding the proper tension needed for your unit. Generally, your belt should deflect at least about an inch whenever you press it down.

Repairing your heating system by yourself takes time, money, and effort to get it done. If you don’t have what it takes to do the job, consider hiring professional companies that fix heating system services in Frisco TX instead. With the best people, you won’t have to worry about anything anymore.

How To Maintain Your Air Conditioner Frisco TX

If you have an air conditioner Frisco TX, you understand that this is the most important device you own. Do you take the necessary measures to protect this important investment? Without proper maintenance, your AC unit can break and you lose the comfort you had.

Maintain Your Air Conditioner Frisco TXWhen you consider how hot Texas is, you have to take care of your device. Always check for a consistent system performance. No one wants to lose air conditioning in a hot summer. During the hottest days, a defective air conditioner can be dangerous for people or pets. Clean the HVAC system of your air conditioner Frisco TX before it leads to system failures that leave your home temperatures unbearable.

If you want to avoid these circumstances, regularly perform maintenance on your device. Regular maintenance not only keeps the device in good operation, but also extends the life cycle of the device.

Here’s how you can do a little DIY maintenance on your AC in thirteen simple steps:

1. Turn off the unit or if it is a portable unit, by unplugging it from the wall outlet.
2. Remove filter and tilt to check the cooling coil.
3. Use a cleaning agent to clean the filters on your air conditioner Frisco TX and to spray the coil.
4. Use tap water to rinse the filter.
5. Reconnect filter and turn it on after 10 minutes
6. Switch on the appliance and set it to cold.
7. If the air smells a bit, restart the whole process from 1 to 6 until the smell has disappeared.
8. Turn the unit off to start further maintenance.
9. Check the outer coils for dust and dirt.
10. If the coils are dirty, wipe them with a cloth or apply a foaming cleaner for 10 to 15 minutes.
11. Use clean water to rinse the foam cleaner on your air conditioner Frisco TX.
12. Test the unit by setting the thermostat after switching on.
13. If you see something else that looks bad, call for an air conditioner repair In Frisco, Texas.

A professional AC technician does more than clean and repair your cooling system. During maintenance checks, a technician can detect several signs of problems and repair them quickly so that you can enjoy a good day during the warmer times of the year.

If you are looking for the best air conditioner Frisco TX repair, check out Air Repair Pros. Air Repair Pros have been active in the AC Repair for over 38 years and has now repaired thousands of units. They are certified by the EPA and are best in providing quality services in Frisco, Texas and the rest of the area. Their previous customers consider them to be “fast, polite and easy to work with in addition to “arriving on time and completing the installation in time”. Contact them now at 972-625-1400 and plan your repair today.

Tips For Finding The Best Air Conditioning Repair Services Frisco TX Online

When you start to feel that your trusty AC hasn’t been doing of a good job these days maybe it’s time to call Air Conditioning Repair Services Frisco TX. Unfortunately for some, that’s easier said than done. Finding a good company to provide the Air Conditioning Repair Services Frisco TX you need can be difficult especially when you are trying to find them yourself. Thankfully, we have the internet.

Today, the internet is the first place people go to when they are looking for something. For businesses, online presence is very important. So here are some tips for surfing the net to look for the best Air Conditioning Repair Services Frisco TX.

Search with the right words

Due to the amount of information available online, one query can yield a great number of results.  That’s why you should remember to make your search as brief and as concise as possible. For example, you can search for the words “Air Conditioning Repair Services Frisco TX” or “Air Conditioning Repair Services near me” to yield the best and most accurate results. Most of the time, the top options are in the first page of your favored search engine. Try a combination of multiple search keywords and check which companies appear in all searches and make note of those.

Do they have a social media page?

Social media presence is just about as important as a website. This is because audience and customer engagement happens on these pages. For example, companies can announce Air Conditioning Repair Services Frisco TX promos that their followers can respond to by simply commenting or shooting them a message. While having a social media page isn’t an immediate telltale sign of being an amazing company, it does add plus points to them for being reachable, which would be helpful for queries on your part.

Are they maintaining their sites and pages?

So they have a site and they have a social media page. The next question is, how active are they when it comes to Air Conditioning Repair Services Frisco TX? As mentioned earlier, interaction and communication is the main reason for having an online presence. If their last post was half a year ago, you might want to reconsider calling someone else.

How are their reviews?

Today, companies are allowed to set up social media pages that allows grants their customers the ability to give reviews. Both satisfied and irate customers get to leave their feedback for other people to see. This is what you should be looking for. Check on what they say about the quality of Air Conditioning Repair Services Frisco TX they received. This will give you a good idea of what to expect should you work with them.

How long does it take for them to respond?

Response time is important. Whether you contact them online or via the details you’ve found on their site, a company that offers good Air Conditioning Repair Services Frisco TX should be able to respond to you in about twenty-four hours.

After the aforementioned points have been cleared, your next step is to contact them. From there, assess for yourself if you are satisfied with how they treated your inquiry. Were they friendly and accommodating? Did they answer all your questions? Did they take the initiative to offer products and services?

Of course, there is no way to predict the future. At the end of the day, you can only find out if the company was worth it once you’ve seen the results. So make sure to remember these tips when selecting the best company to provide Air Conditioning Repair Services Frisco TX for you.

Most Trusted AC Repair Company Frisco TX Maintenance – Why is it Important?

As the saying goes, old age and treachery will always beat youth and exuberance. That doesn’t apply to appliances, especially to Air Conditioning Units. Air conditioning units need annual maintenance to maintain proper performance. This is especially true in Texas, since the climate for most of the year is hot and dry. With the proper maintenance, your air conditioning and heating equipment will work more economically and be more dependable for years to come. This is where your most trusted ac repair company Frisco TX is needed.

Air Conditioning Repair Frisco TX

Air Conditioning systems expend a vast segment of the normal month to month control charge and appropriate and effective upkeep can have a noteworthy effect. Your air conditioner loses 5% of its overall efficiency every year it goes without proper professional maintenance. Systems operating at peak efficiency can cut monthly energy costs by up to 25%. With the help of most trusted ac repair company Frisco TX expertise on proper maintenance of your air conditioning units, it will effectively double the life span of the average residential heating and cooling system.


A big number of possible health risks that are associated with poor air quality can be greatly reduced or eliminated with proper system installation and maintenance of your air conditioning units. Recovering Lost Efficiency – Fortunately most users can recover lost efficiency through service and maintenance from a trained professional. With regular maintenance with the help of your most trusted ac repair company Frisco TX, an air conditioning unit will keep up to 96 percent of its original efficiency. Also a unit working at its full capacity will keep your home more comfortable by controlling humidity and maximizing the cooling available.

An annual inspection of your air conditioning or heat pump system performed by your most trusted ac repair company Frisco TX includes these following items:

• Refrigerant charge – It is extremely important that the coolant or Freon level of an air conditioning system be tested frequently.

A 10% loss of Freon or coolant will cost the home or business owner 20 percent more in electrical costs and can cause undue wear and tear on your unit. The Air Conditioning Contractors of America or ACCA recommend Testing once a year to maintain the proper Freon levels. If your residential air conditioning unit needs Freon a properly licensed and trained contractor can usually make a repair and add it on the spot.

Freon is a chlorofluorocarbon or CFC and will damage the Earth’s ozone layer if it is released into the atmosphere. The laws on CFC’s do not allow an air conditioning contractor to add Freon to a leaky commercial system if the leak is within 30% of the unit’s capacity. They are required to fix the leak in the system to shut the system down. Violation of this law may cause contractors to lose their license.

  • Electrical Readings – Test the voltage and amperage to all electrical motors.
  • Air Flow – Test the air flow across the indoor cooling coil.
  • Lubrication – Lubricate all the moving parts (unless they are permanently sealed).
  • Thermostat – Clean and adjust the thermostat.
  • Fan Motors – Test and oil the fan motors.
  • Air Filters – Check the air filters.
  • Fan Belts – Test the fan belts.
  • Condenser Air Flow – Test the air flow across the outdoor condenser coil.
  • Refrigerant Pressures – Test the operating pressures on refrigerants.
  • Electrical – Check the electrical wiring and connections.
  • Fan Relay – Test the indoor fan relay.
  • Contactor – Test the compressor contactor.
  • Reversing Valve – Test the reversing valve (on heat pumps only).
  • Drain Lines – Inspect the condensate drain.
  • Indoor Coil – Inspect the indoor coil.
  • Capacitors – Test the capacitors.
  • Temperature Exchange – Test the temperature drop across the indoor coil.
  • Measure Super-Heat – Test the super-heat.
  • Inspect Condenser Coil – Inspect the outdoor coil.
  • Measure Sub-Cooling – Test the outdoor sub-cooling.
  • Defrost Control – Test the defrost control (on heat pumps only).
  • Compressor Operation – Test the compressor operation.
  • Crankcase Heaters – Test the crankcase heaters

Interested parties who would like to be among the first to experience Most Trusted AC Repair Company Frisco TX Maintenance should contact Air Repair Pros. We encourage you to visit our website at for full details and to get started.

Frisco Consumers Should Try Out Air Conditioning Repair Services Frisco TX To Lower Their Bills

The climate amidst winter can be burdening for those of you aching for the warmth of the late spring sun. You have tried your best to prepare for the cold by buying clothes with extra insulation and winterizing all the equipment in your house. Instead of braving the cold outside, residents are opting to stay home to keep themselves warm and toasty, meaning most Frisco Consumer’s A/C systems are running constantly twenty-four hours a day. Of course, running 24/7 may increase the possibility of future wreckages of your system, hence, more air conditioning repair services Frisco TX are very hectic indeed at this time period.

Air Conditioning McKinney TX

We might not have Storm of X-Men’s ability to control the weather, but there are some simple methods that you can try to make sure you consume less energy and save more money as per the best of the best air conditioning repair services Frisco TX suggestions.

Fill in the Cracks and Holes around your Home

Keep out the cold drafts and pests by caulking up cracks around windows and doors. Also, seal heating and cooling air ducts to increase their performance. This method alone will increase duct efficiency by 20%.

Replace Your Furnace Filter Regularly

It’s imperative for home owners to understand that furnace filters should be checked at least once a month and replaced at least once every 3 months. Furnace filters keep the air clean and safe, so if the filter experiences dust buildup, air will have a harder time moving efficiently and the system will have to use more energy to keep the room warm.

Regulate the Temperature

Setting your temperature only a tad bit lower while you’re snoozing can spare you around 10% on your electric bill. Rather than setting the indoor regulator consistently, introduce a programmable one with the function that will naturally change its temperature according to your preference. You can have it done by the best air conditioning repair services Frisco TX near you.

Have Your Heating Systems Regularly Maintained

An effective heating system will consume less energy and work more efficiently, therefore it is vital for home owners to have it checked and maintained by heating and air conditioning professionals at least once a year. Air conditioning repair services Frisco TX experts like Air Repair Pros ensures that your system is in tip-top shape and helps you save money in the long run.

Interested parties who would like to be among the first to experience the best AC repair service with Air Repair Pros are encouraged to visit the website for full details and to get started.

3 tips to remember when working with a Frisco Air Conditioner Repair Shop

If you want to receive the best service from a Frisco Air Conditioner Repair shop, there are five small things that you need to keep in mind. Everyone can receive a good service, however if you follow these five tips when working with a Frisco Repairman, you are 100% sure to get the best service ever.

  1.  Frisco Air Conditioner Repair ShopConduct your own research

True, AC repairmen are familiar with most common AC units available on the market, especially the major brands. Any Frisco Air Conditioner Repair Serviceman can identify most of your AC’s information by checking the sticker that contains most of the unit’s details. However, if you have a five-year-old AC unit whose logo and stickers have already faded away, be sure to remember your own brand rather than have the repairmen guess upon arrival. Also, take note of every detail related to you unit – its age, average hours of use per day, maintenance performed, number of general repairs done, etc.

Also, you can provide information regarding the issue you have on hand. Provide your Frisco Air Conditioner Repair Serviceman several details such as when it started acting up, time when it occurs, multiple occurrences, and other information will be helpful to you both.

On the Frisco Air conditioner repair shop’s side, you need to research a few things before contacting them to ensure good and quality service. First, check their experience. Verify their length of time in the business, their current status, fields of expertise, and the most important of them all, legal compliance. Once you are satisfied, give them a call.

  1. Be specific in your questions and job requests

Nothing delays a job more than the guessing game and the blame game. Any Frisco Air Conditioner Repair service man loathes these situations. The guessing game is where a customer expects the servicemen to know everything without asking him any questions and the blame game is where the customer berates the serviceman as if everything wrong with the equipment is his fault, even if they had just met that day.

Providing specifics in your request will prove helpful, not just in the quality of the work one, but also in the speed of delivery.

  1. Have everything in writing

It’s not bad to trust people, however, when it comes to conducting business with people, everything needs to be in written form. Having a written contract gives you a solid proof of specified job costs, timeline, and warranty. If you had an oral agreement with a serviceman, make sure to follow it up with a written copy and always keep a copy for yourself.

And if you are looking for the Best Frisco Air Conditioner Repair Servicemen, go ahead and contact Air Repair Pros. Being in the business for thirty years, we are already accustomed to client’s needs. You can experience nothing but the best with the best. Contact Air Repair Pros at 972-625-1400 or visit our website at

Benefits of Finding the Best Frisco Air Conditioning Repair Technician for Regular Maintenance

Save money by having your AC unit checked by the best Frisco air conditioning repair technician. Consider these facts about AC maintenance that are often ignored by many home owners.

Best Frisco Air Conditioning Repair TechnicianAir conditioner maintenance is really important if you want to prolong the lifespan of your unit. Based on the reports of professional contracts, 90% of the issues or air conditioning system failure are due to absence of regular maintenance. A number of home owners do not consider hiring technicians as they prefer to DIY for budget reasons. Instead of spending a little for technicians’ services, they many end up spending more for labor and new parts as their AC system succumbs to wear and tear over the years. Get the most out of your air conditioner and prevent early investment in a new system by having the job done by the professionals.

Aside from spending for services and buying new AC parts, with no regular AC maintenance, home owners are hurt monthly with their sky rocketing power bill. Operating with less efficiency, dirty AC units consume around 50% more power compared to regularly maintained units. In fact, it will take twice as long to cool your room using dirty AC as compared to the units cleaned regularly. This means cleaner AC units are able to use energy more efficiently as less energy is wasted. In the long run, your energy bills will begin to drop!

The best Frisco air conditioning repair technician can help you do the maintenance and extend your unit’s life up to 20 years. A Poorly maintained system will drain your bank as it requires more repairs and earlier than expected replacement. Maintenance technicians will remove dust, dirt, and debris from your system and check for any problems that could prevent you from having a cool, comfortable summer.

Regular maintenance also equates to your total home comfort. Your air conditioning system not only removes heat away from your home but also regulates moisture and humidity. Too much heat and humidity inside your house are factors why our body starts feeling uncomfortable. By removing excess heat and moisture, your body will start feeling more relaxed.  AC units sometimes do not do their job well because dirt and dust block the system. Dirt interferes with the function of the most vital components in your air conditioner causing breakdowns and interruptions in comfort. So make sure you have your AC units cleaned regularly.

As you can see, by hiring a technician for regular maintenance you will be able to avoid damaging your unit with your own hand. Aside from escaping expenses due to part or system replacement, you can also save money by reducing your energy consumption. Then by regularly cleaning your AC unit, you are actually extending the life span of your investment. Last but not the least, a clean air conditioner gives you a more comfortable house to live with. With these benefits, there is no reason that you should not hire the best Frisco air conditioning repair technician.

Common Problems Why You Need AC Repair Frisco TX

Have you ever made a service call for AC repair Frisco? The best friends we can turn to during excessive summer heat are our air conditioners as they allow us to comfortably enjoy sunshine and cool temperatures simultaneously. Maintenance is key to lasting and working AC. However, even with correct measures, problems may arise with your AC system and a need for repair is important to enjoy your summer.

AC Repair Frisco TXHere are the 5 most common problems why you need AC repair Frisco TX.

  1. Low quality wiring

If your unit was not installed by professionals, chances are your wiring was not done very well and you just put your entire family’s safety at risk. You should call out a professional technician immediately to repair your system. By reinstalling your AC with safer wiring, you take out the possibility of your system catching fire. This too will save your AC from future problems due to insufficient power that it needs.

  1. Refrigerant leaks

Another reason for you to have AC repair Frisco is leaking refrigerant. Once detected low on refrigerant, your AC might be suffering from a leak. Since refrigerant is environmentally harmful, you need to act fast and have it repaired immediately. After ensuring that your AC is no longer leaking, the technician may charge it with more refrigerant. The benchmark for refrigerant level is specified by the manufacturers so it is better to follow and match the specification in order to get the full potential of your air conditioner.

  1. Thermostat sensor

The function of your AC’s thermostat sensor is to note the temperature and to compare it to the desired temperature as air moves past the sensor and coil. If the home or business needs to be cooled further, for example, the sensor activates the compressor. If the sensor is no longer in the right position, it won’t be able to measure the temperature of the air that comes into the evaporator coils. Readjusting the sensor will help it avoid cycling continuously.

  1. Frozen coils

Some homes have experienced the air conditioner freezing up. There are many reasons why this happens but one of the most common are frozen coils. This problem is somewhat related to the first problem we pointed out. If your air conditioner has frozen coils, you may be low on refrigerant. Another reason for frozen coil is the faulty air conditioner airflow. This problem is corrected by regular maintenance such as cleaning and replacing of filters. The third common reason for a frozen coil is problematic blower fan. If the cold air is trapped inside, it will freeze the coil and other AC components.

  1. Outdoor fan problems

The outdoor fan of your air conditioner plays an important role in transferring the heat inside your home to the outside. The appropriate heat transfer is a good factor to check whether your AC is working properly or not. Neglecting this problem will cause overheating and much bigger problems in the future. So while in the early stage, call for AC repair Frisco near you.

Here’s how to get the best AC Repair in Frisco, Texas

Do you have an AC that needs to be repaired and you are looking for the best AC repair in Frisco, Texas?

During the hot days of summer, no other appliance is more important to us than our AC. It cools our bodies and makes our homes comfortable. However, due to the extreme heat and the length of time that we use it, it may break down.

best AC Repair in Frisco, TexasBefore going to a repairman and having your AC fixed, if you are willing to spend at least $50, try to fix it yourself first using these easy to follow steps:

  1. Confirm that the issue isn’t related to the furnace

Before doing anything else, we need to see if the problem lies in the furnace. This is because if the problem is caused by a malfunctioning furnace, it is better for you to consult an AC repair in Frisco rather than trying to fix it yourself.

In order to check if the furnace is working select the A/C mode on your thermostat and reduce the temperature. Check if the fan starts. If it does, your furnace is working. However, if the fan does not start, you can try to reset the circuit breaker.

You can also check the parts outside of your house and look for the condensing unit. It is the part of your AC that is outside the house and normally will start sounding like a fridge. The compressor inside is what makes the noise, so if it is silent, then the problem may relate to the condenser. If it is, then it would be better for you to look for an AC repair in Frisco, Texas.

  1. Get the replacement parts

There are two parts that are oftentimes the main culprit in your situation. They are called a relay, and the start/run capacitor. These parts are generally cheap, and even if in the end the problem lies somewhere else, it will still benefit your AC greatly if your unit is older than five years.

You can get the proper replacement parts at an appliance store, furnace dealer, or through an online marketplace. Get the make, serial number, and model of your unit before purchasing the parts. They are generally found at the nameplate in your furnace. You can also look for parts from an AC repair in Frisco, Texas or wherever repair shop you prefer.

  1. Proceed on replacement

Once you have the parts with you, go ahead and replace the old parts with the ones you just bought. You will need a variety of tools to accomplish this task, such as a magnet for storing screws and a Philips screwdriver to remove the parts

If you have followed these steps and your AC still does not work, then it is time for you to let the experts take charge.  If you are looking for the best AC repair shop in Frisco, check out Air Repair Pros. They have been in the business of repairing AC’s for more than 38 years now and have fixed thousands of units. They are certified by the EPA and are the best in providing quality services for residential houses in Frisco, Texas and the rest of the surrounding are. Contact them now at 972-625-1400 and schedule your repair today.

Air Conditioner Repair Frisco TX: Maintenance Tips

Remember that even homeowners themselves can handle a few tasks to keep their air conditioners running smoothly. However, there will be times when professional help is required, particularly if the job is too technical in nature.

In this post, you’ll get tips on what you can do and which ones should be handed over to a company handling air conditioner repair in Frisco TX.

Air Conditioner Repair Frisco TXFirst tip: Clean the filter. Replace if necessary.

One of the regular tasks in maintaining your AC unit is the cleaning and replacement of the filter. If you have a reusable one, you just need to clean and sanitize it. But if you’re not comfortable doing this job, let the experts in air conditioner repair in Frisco, TX handle it. It’s frequently being used during the summer season, so it’s important to clean it twice a month and to replace the filter after every month. During fall and spring, once a month cleaning or change is enough.

Once the filter is full of dust and grime, the circulation of air worsens making it hard for your AC to operate efficiently. Since there are allergens, your family can get allergies and symptoms of asthma. So make it a point to do regular cleaning of your AC filter.

Second tip: Inspect the wires and other parts.

Before the inspection, it is important to switch off the power of your unit. This needs to be done at the service disconnect which is outdoors or the main circuit breaker indoors. If you notice signs of overheating including melted insulation seen on wires, blackened wires with a burnt smell, you might call a professional.

Inspect the electrical connections. See to it that they are tight. For homeowners with an electrical test meter, look at the capacitors of the air conditioner.

Third tip: Check the thermostat.

To ensure that it’s working properly, inspect the thermostat if it’s maintaining the right temperature. There are old, mechanical types that frequently malfunction. So, it’s time to consider getting a programmable type for your air conditioner. A programmable thermostat allows homeowners to set the temperature higher when everyone is out and cool the rooms down during the evening or before people arrive home. It gives you and your family comfort by the time you get home from work, school and other activities.

Fourth Tip: Inspect the condenser unit fan.

Look at the fan mounted on top of the exterior condenser. Check if it’s still in great condition. In case there are chips or cracks seen on the blades, it’s time to replace them.

Fifth tip: Clean the exterior of your unit. Dirt and other unwanted elements gather on your AC. Before they affect the filter and other interior parts, clean them. They lessen the system capacity which causes reduced air flow. If your AC is next to plants, make sure to trim them to keep your unit clean.

Once you follow all these tips, the visit of your contractor will be less frequent. And if you do need professional help, don’t hesitate to contact contractors that are experts in air conditioning repair in Frisco, TX.