Air Conditioner Repair McKinney Texas: Maintenance You Can Do Before Hiring a Professional

If you consider yourself handy around the house, then check out the maintenance you can do before hiring a professional. The fins, filters and coils of your AC unit need regular maintenance so that they can function efficiently and effectively during its entire service life. Failure to do the necessary maintenance for the unit will steadily decline its performance while the energy consumption will increase. Before calling a company that handles air conditioner repair McKinney Texas, these are the things you can do if you have the time.

Air Conditioner Repair McKinney TexasAir conditioner filters. The regular replacement and cleaning of the air conditioner filters are two of the vital tasks to maintain the efficiency of the unit. A filter clogged by dirt and other elements will decrease the efficiency of an air conditioning unit significantly. An obstructed airflow will let the dirt coming from the air bypass the filters and will directly go to the evaporator coil. As a result, the heat-absorbing capacity of the evaporator coil will be impaired. If you replace or clean the filters of your AC unit, you can lessen the energy consumption by 5 to 15%.

The filters of central air conditioners are usually placed somewhere along the length of the return duct. The most common placements include ceilings, walls, furnaces or inside the AC unit itself. Window unit air conditioners for room use have a filter placed on the grill facing the room.

Some filters are reusable while the others need to be replaced. Different types offer various efficiency. If you use the AC unit regularly, the filters need to be cleaned or replaced once or twice a month. The general rule is the more you use your air conditioner, the more frequent you need to maintain the filters. Other factors include dusty conditions and pets that shed fur in your home. You don’t need to call companies specializing in air conditioner repair McKinney Texas to maintain the filters.

Air conditioner coils. Dirt, grime and other elements gather in the condenser and evaporator coil over time. If you frequently clean the filters, the unwanted elements will not reach the coils quickly. But over months and years, expect that the coils will gather dust. Just like with filters, coils that are filled with dirt will weaken its performance in absorbing heat. A yearly maintenance of the coils is needed to avoid airflow problems.

The frequency of cleaning the outdoor coil depends on its surrounding environment. If foliage is nearby or the area is dusty, you’ll notice the dirt will eventually gather on the fins of the condenser coil. Trim the foliage so that the airflow will not be obstructed.

Winter preparation. During the winter season, you can cover the air conditioner to keep the dust away from it. If you can remove the air conditioner and store it in a clean place, you can also do so. For a central air conditioner, place a cover on the outdoor unit.

A skilled repairman can determine and solve your air conditioning problems and or regular maintenance. When you are ready, it’s time to rely on the professionals in air conditioner repair McKinney Texas.